Goodbye Frankenstein, Hello Summer!

Let’s go ahead and make it official:



Madison’s summer began a day earlier than mine; her last day of school was Thursday. I had a quick faculty farewell breakfast in the morning and spent the rest of the morning (after a nap) and most of the afternoon plowing through half of the Frankenstein term papers. Later, I took her to the pool to kick off summer. About 15 other families had the exact same idea. It’s a heated pool, but I swear all that body heat made it feel like Ala Moana on the 4th of July. She got an early jump on summer, carefree except for the fit of her goggles which she eventually gave up on. Myself on the other hand…



I spent this morning at McDonald’s grading the other half of those papers. I learned the key lesson that McDonald’s wi-fi is not very strong. The video froze almost immediately after I opened the Mets game, but at least the audio streamed uninterrupted. It took a while and four different colored pens, but the grading has been completed. I admit to not feeling particularly thrilled. It’s more like relief, I guess. I won’t have to worry about stuff like this for a couple of months. I can turn my attention to other things like possibly coordinating a massive sand crab hunt at Turtle Bay on the 4th of July and catching a weekend at the Aulani in lieu of our postponed Disney World trip. I guess the world is my oyster for two months, but I suspect I know what a fair part of that time will be spent doing…

Life goes on.

Life goes on.

The state of our home has decayed slightly since the height of its cleanliness earlier this week. The pressure’s off. I’ve already completed the laundry for this weekend, so awesome, right? Well, my girls aren’t home because they went to a family birthday party that I had to bow out of due to Victor’s irresponsibility and/or the monster’s desire for companionship. I have some laundry to fold, some tidying to do, and other odds and ends to take care of around the house because I feel like there’s no way I can let the house slip into the state of chaos it was in before the Epic Cleaning of May 2014. Look, I’m a slob – there’s no way around it – but it’s like a second chance at getting this home ownership things (kind of) right.



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