The First Day of “True Summer”

Madison and I are about to take a nap (God, let her please, please fall asleep. I have a softball game tonight!) because we’ve had a pretty full day of “True Summer” (Trisha Kim, 2014). Here to tell you all about it is my daughter Madison. Her words will be in pink.

We got there early, but the turtles no-showed.

We got there early, but the turtles no-showed.



When we first went to Ko’olina, we went to go explore. We were waiting for the turtles to come out. After we couldn’t find them, dad found a hermit crab. It ran away after. And then we went to go on the flat rocks, we got to take pictures. Next, we went down the rocks and then we went to the car and got our beach stuff.

She’s right. The sea turtle ambush was a fiasco. I don’t know if we were even in the right place, but we just gave it a shot at that little cove just after the first official Ko’olina Lagoon. We did have the great fortune to witness an apparent proposal and acceptance. Madison and I were at the cove for a long time, and a family walked past us and kind just hung out in the bushes near the shore lines. I had no idea what they were doing, but the sun was strong, so shade was the likely reason. A while later – and it really must have been close to 20 minutes – a young couple walked through also. They made idle chatter as they passed us; Madison was concerned they’d step on her pet hermit crab. They sat on the rocks and I thought nothing of it. Mad and I went back about our business until we heard the shouts. That’s when I figured it out. I was honored to take a few pictures of the entire group – clutching red Solo cups. “Oh, absolutely,” the newly engaged woman said when another person in the party asked if they could take the picture with the cups. “Red Solo Cups on a beach in Hawaii, it’s a must,” she finished. I know nothing else about her and I still think she’s a keeper. Congratulations!

"I wanna practice surfing, dad!"

“I wanna practice surfing, dad!”

With the boogie board, I was surfing until the wave came and it knocked me off. And then the next time me and dad tried, dad was on this side, I was on the other side, then dad was too heavy, so he flipped the board. On his side the board was down and on my side, the board was up! And then once he got out of the water, I just rolled over because I just rolled over when the board fell. When I was boogie boarding, I jumped off! 

That’s 100% accurate and I don’t really have anything to add except that there is a dearth of locals at the first lagoon. I kind of like it because not everyone is in shape and/or sporting massive tattoos. Also, I’m pretty white.

Who's more bummed by summer work?

Who’s more bummed by summer work?

I have to do summer work because my mom had to make me learn some more for first grade. When I was working, the dog came on the table. The summer work I did was filling in the blank  missing numbers, and matching the numbers to the words. 

Yeah, we picked up some workbooks from Costco a couple of weeks ago and when we told Madison about our intention to make her do some work during the summer, she tried to roll her eyes into the back of her skull as far as Lynnette can, but she’s not quite there yet. Lynnette spent yesterday afternoon making lesson plans and everything. Mad forgot to tell you that she read me a book this afternoon, too. She did a great job, learning two new words: peril and odor. Here, I’ll get her back to tell you what they mean.

Peril is, like, danger. Odor is like, a stinky smell! 

I’m like, so thrilled!


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