Chasing Waterfalls, Sticking to the Beaches We’re Used To

Usually, at the exact moment of this writing, Madison would be beginning her dance class. But, um, we had so much fun today that Lynnette, Madison, and I forgot it was Wednesday until it was too late. Oops.

One of the girls like dramatic poses, another just plain likes drama, the last can't speak.

One of the girls like dramatic poses, another just plain likes drama, the last can’t speak.

Hashtag nature.

Hashtag nature.



Emboldened by her experience this weekend, when Madison was posed with the prospect of another hike this morning, she quickly jumped at it. “I want to go to the one with the lighthouse,” she said. “It’s too far,” I said, not feeling that drive today. “But I like that one because it’s a road, not like Lanikai,” she said. She did have a point, but again, I wasn’t going to drive all the way out there. We settled on the Manoa Falls Trail instead.

Today was unequivocally the best day of Abby’s life. By the time we arrived in the parking lot, she was ready to shuttle run the trail. Incredibly, she showed no signs of the overt princessness that afflicts my wife and daughter. Abby’s little legs marched right onto the muddy trail and they didn’t stop. She climbed up and down stairs – something she never does at home. I’m pretty sure Madison, Lynnette, and I upset the delicate balance of nature in that valley with our congratulatory shrieks. Abby had no time for celebration, however, and kept powering through toward the waterfall. Abby was covered in mud and panting hard by our return to our car. She high-fived the back of my calf and got it all muddy. Abby is currently seated at the top of the stairs fighting the overwhelming desire to fall asleep.

I am happy to report that at no point on this trail did I get light-headed, but sadly, at no point during this hike did Lynnette go horizontal. I thought that there might be a chance during a particularly slippery area of the trail, but she made it down without whooping it up like last time. We got off the trail right around noon and picked up some lunch. Abby had carrots and fried chicken. Again, hands-down the best day of her life.

Pass, dads.

Pass, dads.

Just like Washington crossing the Delaware, Abby.

Just like Washington crossing the Delaware, Abby.

Cue that stupid song by the band with the stupid name of that stupid English class that I hate.

Cue that stupid song by the band with the stupid name of that stupid English class that I hate.

After lunch we headed to Kaimana Beach for some heat relief. Abby was tired from the hike and full from lunch, but she perked up when she figured out we were at the beach. That’s when the whining and scratching at the windows started, and not because she wanted to rush the waves, either.

We got lucky with the parking and got into the water. Obviously, it was amazing. The shore break was much stronger than the last time we were there, but Madison actually liked it that way. It allowed her to ride waves into the shore again, which looks like it has become her new favorite hobby – behind putting stickers on random surfaces in the house; avoiding naps; snacking; and asking questions she already knows the answer to. Sidebar: Last night Lynnette dropped Madison’s Bubble Tape out of the cabinet. The gum popped out of the container and unraveled a little on the kitchen floor. Madison had a meltdown, tears and all. What’s the point? This is how seriously she takes her snacks.

Anyway, Abby still hasn’t warmed up to the beach. Lynnette brought her into the water and The Fur quickly paddled to the nearest human. She was steadied herself on the boogie board and seemed to mind that much less than swimming. I mean, she still obviously minded, just not as much as swimming. “She’s shivering,” I said, patting her head. “Do you think that’s fear or cold?” I continued. “Both,” Lynnette said. Abby spent the rest of the day on the beach in the sun. Considering the way she seeks out strips of sunlight in our home to sun herself in, she was probably in Heaven. First Lynnette at the Kate Spade Outlet, now Abby at the beach. When’s it gonna be my turn?

Lynnette loaded Madison and Abby into the tub and ran a bubble bath. Mad was thrilled, and I suspect Abby less so, but she was too tired to fight it. How do I know? She was also too tired to fight off the bubble hat! Bubble hats, everybody! When I began trying to take pictures, Abby looked me square in the face. She cannot speak, but if she could, I’m pretty sure she would have filled a sizable swear jar. I ignored the death glare and took her silence as thanks for giving her the best day ever. Right now, she’s trying to steal a lick of Madison’s lollypop. I swear, I have no idea where these kids get the energy.


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