The Sink Works! Madison Didn’t Sink!

A plumber came by to fix one of our toilets and replace the food disposal in the kitchen. It didn’t take long, but it hit the bank account like it did. I can’t complain because I couldn’t have done it myself and praise the Lord, we’ll be able to wash our dishes like civilized humans living in the ‘burbs. In order to celebrate, Mad and I went to get lunch at what she calls “the coolest,” the newly-renovated Genki Sushi in Waikele.

Super-hard to eat when there's the belt, the moving vehicles, and daddy talking to you.

Super-hard to eat when there’s the belt, the moving vehicles, and daddy talking to you.

As noted a week or so ago, Genki’s designation of “the coolest” is due solely to the fact that Madison can press buttons on a tablet to order food and press buttons to send the tray back once the order arrives. I guess the term would be “interactive dining,” but that is misleading in that it makes it sound as if Madison eats. I mean, she does, but she also doesn’t. She scrolls through the menu screens, her head turns every time she hears a vehicle tray, her eyes trace movement on the conveyor and tracks. There’s a lot of action to follow, and well, her miso soup isn’t going anywhere, I guess. Update: Madison let it slip that we went to Genki for lunch. Lynnette gave me a stern glance. “I replaced the disposal,” I said. “No, you didn’t!” she shouted back. Semantics.

Yep, someone didn't get up this morning.

Yep, someone didn’t get up this morning.

Back, back, float and float (back and a back and float and a float).

Back, back, float and float (back and a back and float and a float).

Madison didn’t get up early this morning. “Just put her in a headband,” Lynnette said casually as she left the house. Like it’s that easy – am I right? But yeah, the morning sky was gray, the pavement wet, but by the time we returned from lunch and errands at Waikele, it was dry, hot, and most importantly, sunny. Sadly, Madison forgot her goggles at home, otherwise, we’d have challenged our family’s record for Most Head Accessories Worn Simultaneously in a Body of Water. I think Lynnette holds the record because of earrings and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t know.

Update: The newest of Madison’s tricks in the pool is a back float. Again, this is something she just decided to try on her own when I wasn’t looking. Prior to today, she’d try to back float, but panic any time the water neared her chin and/or the sides of her eyes. Not today. It’s still just June. I can’t imagine what else she’ll break out before we both have to go back to school.


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