Madison is Awesome!

I know that Madison and I have “date day” just about every day, but I feel like today was an officialer Date Day because it involved movie and a meal, the most traditionally stereotypical of dates. We watched The Lego Movie together. It was full of clever pop culture references and one ridiculous song called “Everything is Awesome,” which featured the lyrics Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome when we’re living our dream. The problem is, based on the song’s presentation in the movie as well as the film’s overall message, I can’t tell if the entire song is used earnestly or sarcastically. These are the kinds of concerns I have as an English teacher.


Such a daredevil!

I love these faces.

I love these faces.

Anyway, Mad and I got some lunch and watched the construction crew do work on the former parking lot next to Ward Warehouse. “They’re wasting all that parking, maybe they’re going to make new parking,” Madison said. Our server told us it’s going to be something like a 40-story condominium high rise with a $12 million dollar penthouse. Well, then.

Our server also dropped off a bottle of ketchup and for reasons known only to her, Madison said she wanted to try some with a french fry. “What will mom say?” I rhetorically gasped. “She’ll say ‘Ewwwww!'” Madison said. She doesn’t know what rhetorical questions are. Maybe that’s why she gets mad when she asks “What are you doing, dad?” and I don’t answer her? That was also rhetorical. Well, Lynnette, you can exhale now, because Madison has decided for herself that she doesn’t like ketchup.

Today was a great day:

The last time Madison tried this skee ball game, I don’t think she got a single point. She was too gentle with her rolls and they wouldn’t get up over the ramp. When we told her to roll it harder, it was a mistake because she didn’t quite know when to let the ball go. As you can see, it was mostly the same today. Sadly, I didn’t get any footage of Madison releasing the ball too early, slamming the ball into the front lip of the ramp. But it did happen. Twice.

This is easily my favorite footage from the day. The boy to Mad’s left obviously never watched women’s tennis (or the hammer throw) because he was tripping out at Madison’s shouting. For some reason, my daughter isn’t coordinated enough to step and throw, but she can perfectly sync up her screaming to her throwing mechanics. You can kind of hear my disbelief on the video, but I just never ever thought I would raise the kind of child who would just start throwing with their off hand because of panic at a Dave and Buster’s game. This is on me. I also lack the clutch gene.


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