Mad’s Injury Update

First, I want to thank everyone for their concerns and well wishes over Madison’s unfortunate encounter with the springy turf under the Noelani Elementary School playground. I asked her if there’s anything she wanted to say to all of you and this is what she said:

How do they know about my arm? Why did you write it in your blog?! We can just tell them thank you and that I think I can dance on Friday.

No ducking summer work!

Do work, daughter!

Madison claims that her wrist feels better, but I can’t get a straight answer out of her, not because she’s a liar, but because of her limited vocabulary and life experience. I had a protracted conversation with her yesterday that went something like this:

How does your arm feel? It’s just a little better. Does it feel better than yesterday? It felt better last night. So it’s sore now? No. But it felt better last night? Yeah. So…

I still don’t know what any of that meant. I can tell you, however, that her pain is minimal and she seems to only feel the sting when she has to carry large and/or heavy items or must apply moderately intense pressure to it. We called the doctor he says if Madison still has pain tomorrow, we should go get some x-rays taken. Lynnette and I told Madison this, but perhaps we shouldn’t have. I don’t know if she’s underselling the condition of her wrist because she knows what x-rays are, but has no idea how they are taken.

Seems fine, right?

Seems fine, right?

She was well enough for the water park and homework yesterday, and for the pool this morning. We went all the way to Mililani Town for Rec Center 1 because we had to return some library books and the one nearest to our home was closed until 2 in the afternoon. I think Madison liked the pool at Rec 1 because there is a small triangular section of the pool which is only about a foot-and-a-half deep. It’s the perfect height because it’s shallow enough for her to stand in it, but just deep enough to swim in. Getting the best of both worlds doesn’t happen often, Mad. Enjoy it.

We were actually supposed to go to Dave and Buster’s again today, but it got really hot in the morning so I asked if the Goob wanted the pool instead. It was a quick affirmative. By the way, I just want to take this chance to gripe about the heat. I watched tv into the morning last night and it was 80+ degrees in my bedroom when I turned out the lights. I had the fan blowing straight at me. I was super-hot, and Lynnette is one of those people that have to sleep under the covers no matter what. If we lived next to an active volcano in the middle of a heat wave, she’d still be curled up under the comforter. I think that makes me hotter. It’s the heat and the frustration of the heat not going away at midnight, and the inability to understand how another human being could possibly want to cover their body with a item specifically designed to increase warmth. I get it. This is perfect summer weather, and the trade off is a hot bedroom at bedtime. “I wish it would just rain, already,” Madison said last night. I don’t know about that.


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