Madison’s Pokemon Quest

As you know, I started playing Pokemon in the fourth quarter of this school year. I thought that I would beat the game, then kind of just be satisfied with it, but that’s not what’s happened. I am on my third game and spend an inordinate time trying to come up with names for my Pokemon that straddle the line between cool and ridiculous. It’s hard. Maybe it’s because I’m 34 and felt superior to my students, but I really should have listened when they said “Pokemon is life.” It seemed a little hyperbolic at the time, but they were right.

Last night, our plan to watch another episode of Mammals hit a snag when the title screen appeared and was labeled with “Meat Eaters.” The first scene featured a stoat – a ferret-like creature, I guess – chasing, then killing, then eating a rabbit. This, obviously, wasn’t something that Mad was going to be able to watch. In my searching of Netflix, I came across something called Pokemon: Black and White. I asked Mad if she wanted to watch it. Pikachu to said its name or parts of its name about three times before Madison was all-in. We watched three episodes last night before going to bed. Madison now loves Pikachu and Oshawott. I don’t know when it’s going to be alright to tell Mad that her beloved Oshawott will eventually become this.

On her way to becoming a Pokemon Master.

On her way to becoming a Pokemon Master.

Madison has her second dance performance tonight and Lynnette took a half-day so we spent the morning at home. “Do you want to hunt Pokemon?” I asked Madison. She got that goofy smile on her face. “Pokemon’s not real, dad!” she said. “I know,” I said. “Since we don’t have pokeballs, we can use this to catch them,” I said. I handed her the old Nikon. “Yeah!” she said popping of the couch. We went for a walk around our neighborhood, hoping to catch at least one Pokemon, but not before corralling Mad’s starter Pokemon, Abby. All pictures of Pokemon were taken by Madison Higa.

Your Abby will never evolve!

Your Abby will never evolve!

Pokemon #001, Abby. A dog Pokemon, Abby is the starter chosen by Madison Higa on her quest. According to Madison, Abby like treats and dislikes when people are mad at her. Madison also lists Abby’s power as Houseguard, the ability to watch our house when we’re not home.

It’s just my opinion, but if Mad’s hoping for she and Abby to have the same kind of relationship as Ash and Pikachu, then she’s going to be disappointed. In fact, this story just happened today: I was making Madison’s soup for lunch when Mad appeared at the edge of the kitchen. “Dad, I have something to tell you,” she said in a subdued voice. “OK,” I said. “Abby had an accident in my room when I was trying to teach her. She made doo-doo,” she said. “What were you doing in there?” I asked. “Abby had class. I was trying to teach her,” she said. “Was the the door closed?” I asked. Madison nodded in the affirmative. “So she couldn’t get out to go on her pad?” I asked. “Yeah, but I have to!” Madison pleaded. “Why?” I said. “Because she escapes if the door is open,” Mad said with such a pathetically sad face that I couldn’t be upset. It’s an inauspicious start, to say the least.

Mad’s first few attempts at catching flying Pokemon were unsuccessful. She just couldn’t get the camera to focus in time before the birds would fly some place else, or away altogether. She asked if she could take pictures of flowers in the meantime and I told her of course she could. It was slow for a few minutes, but Madison finally got her Pokemon.

Chams, use lizard tongue!

Chams, use hide!

Pokemon #002, Chams (pronounced Chahms). A lizard Pokemon, Chams is known to frequent the sign at the front of our sub-division. Madison says that Chams likes plants because “He’s always by the plants.” She claims that Chams does not like when people chase him because “He ran away the first time I tried to catch him.” She’s right on both accounts. When I asked Madison what Chams’ special ability was, she said that it was the ability to blend in and hide. I knew watching all those Animal Planet documentaries were worth it. We’re watching “Meat Eaters” tonight!

Hopefully, on days when Mad and I have nothing else going on, we can continue our hunt for Pokemon. I think I’m going to try to stretch things out but telling her we can only catch two animals per outing, and we can’t catch the same animal twice. She seems to be into it, so we’ll see how long this lasts. I think my favorite part was when she thanked the chameleon for staying still while she took its picture. The birds were kind of jerks in this regard.


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