One-Day Scavenger Hunt: Mario Kart 8 Toys at McDonald’s

Yesterday, Madison ate one of the many Happy Meals she’s consumed (and will consume) this summer. It was notable only because of the fact that her Happy Meal came with Bowser, one of the characters featured in Mario Kart 8. As of this moment, Madison and I have managed to collect all 7 characters in the promotion. We had to travel to 6 different McDonald’s restaurants today in order to do it. Don’t worry, we didn’t have to eat 6 separate Happy Meals. I’ve included the locations of where we found each toy, just in case anyone is also seeking them out.  This is the exact order we found each. The profiles and chances of winning the race are all the work of Madison Higa.

11. Bowser, NEX food court.

Profile: Bowser is bad because he catches Peach. Whenever he falls into the lava, this wizard’s power makes him huge and very mad.

Chances of Winning the Race: Bowser wants to win, but some motorcycles fall while racing because they go too fast. But sometimes Bowser’s up ahead, but sometimes not, and when the race begins, he’s up ahead.

22. Toad. Pearlridge Downtown by the theaters.

Profile: Toad is a mushroom, but why do they call him “Toad?”

Chances of Winning the Race: Sometimes when he races… I kind of forgot because we didn’t play [Super Mario Brothers Wii] in a long time. He might win the race but this isn’t the final, they’re just practicing, and when they’re practicing they always have to do one-at-a-time because I don’t want them to bump into each other.

33. Donkey Kong. Mililani Mauka (aka Mr. Higa’s office).

Profile: He used to be bad, but now he is good. He doesn’t go around with them (the Mario crew typically seen together in the games).

Chances of Winning the Race: When I test him, they have to go back when they hit the finish wall. Whenever they practice, he is so good. When it’s time to go back to the starting wall, he always makes his car turn and goes back very fast.

44. Mario. Wahiawa.

Profile: Mario is the captain of their team. He’s fast, too. He helps Peach when she is trapped. But when Bowser is mad, he has to try save the Princess Peach.

Chances of Winning the Race: Sometimes he’s fast in his car, but when he has low gas, not too fast. When they bump into Bowswer, they’re in big trouble.

55. Luigi. Mililani Town, by the Shack and the fire station.

Character Profile: Luigi is Mario’s partner, they help each other out. Luigi helps Mario when they sneak up on Bowser (in Super Mario Bros. Super Show).

Chances of Winning Race: He is fast, too. But sometimes stays with Mario, by him on the race because he doesn’t like to be by Bowser.

6Yoshi. Pearl City by Babies R Us (aka Traffic Cluster-Eff)

Character Profile: From the video game, Mario rides Yoshi, but sometimes not. When Mario needs help, he calls Yoshi to help him. He gives Mario a ride.

Chances of Winning the Race: I think Yoshi likes motorcycles to make him fast so his team can win. Not too fast, because he might fall, you know.

77. Princess Peach. The OG Pearl City location near Holiday Mart  Daiei Don Quijote.

Character Profile: Princess Peach is my favorite. Bowser traps her, but sometimes tricks Mario when they’re fighting because this wizard is in disguise – pretending, crying – in Princess Peach’s costume. She’s my favorite, but the only part that I don’t like is when, um, Bowser has her. I have a Princess Peach doll and a Mario one, too. Sometimes I make a little show, but the show is not good.

Chances of winning the Race: She might win the race because she’s on a motorcycle like Yoshi, but I don’t know.


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