Fish On and On and On

Madison has referenced the fact that neither my father nor I caught anything on our fishing trip last week. Though we only had our poles in the water for an hour, I can completely understand how Madison viewed our attempts as utter failure. The lines went into the water, they came back. I guess she thought the fish would automatically decide to hop on the hook. Lynnette suggested a return to Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden for some easy hook-ups. Author’s note: This is not the location Lynnette used to suggest for easy hook-ups.

That's about five feet closer than she allowed the fish last time.

That’s about five feet closer than she allowed the fish last time.

They call her Breadbeard.

They call her Breadbeard.

A fish took the bread bait on Mad’s first cast out into the lake. She panicked slightly when the fish tugged the line and Lynnette had to help her pull it out of the water. Once on land, Lynnette and Madison tried to get a hold of the line, but for a few moments, it look like they were using the pole and fish as props in an intricate interpretive ribbon dance routine. If I had to guess, I’d say it would be best performed against the backdrop of  Roberta Flack and Maxi Priest’s “Set the Night to Music.” This was already a big step up from our last visit because Madison didn’t eat all the bread and she actually held up the fish. According to the Goob, she landed a total of 8 fish. Lynnette and I caught about 4 or 5 each. The fish were biting much more frequently than our first visit. I had no idea that there would be so many more personal bests set today.



I should have used this as a teaching moment to illustrate the concept of fair-weather friends.

I should have used this as a teaching moment to illustrate the concept of fair-weather friends.

I took the first fish off the hook with my bare hands and the fish flip-slipped out. I had to wrestle it back in my possession before tossing it back into the water. A few moments later, I saw a guy with small hand towel to hold the fish and man, I wish I had thought of that. Before today, I was the official fish-take-off-er of the family, but for reasons completely unknown to me, Lynnette decided she was going to give it a try today. She’s already conquered her fear of catching sand crabs by hand in the last calendar year, so holding the slimy, dirty fish was gravy. To be completely honest, I know that dirty, fishy water is one of the things that makes Lynnette’s skin crawl. It’s right up there with ketchup, public restrooms, and the physical manifestation of love between a woman and her husband. But after today’s show of bravery? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s eating french fries dipped in ketchup while making out with me in a stall of the Kailua Beach bathroom before the end of the year.

Mad bringing one in by herself:

The “Dude, did that just happen?” moment of the day:


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