It’s Been a Hex Girl/Pokemon Summer

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just get on with it. My summer is over. I have meetings for the next two days followed by what I assume is picture day on Friday. Whatevs.

Not pictured: my four graphic novels.

Not pictured: my four graphic novels.

We stared the day late because I woke up at 10. I spent last night writing and reading because I couldn’t go to sleep after playing two softball games. Hopefully, my body will quickly adjust to its regularly scheduled 4:45 AM wake up time. I have to admit that’s getting harder and harder to pull off. Our first stop was the new Aiea library. It’s clean, open, and the AC is glorious. The only complaint I have is that unlike the other libraries we’ve been to recently, Aiea organizes the graphic novels by writers rather than titles. It was confusing.

Madison had no complaints about the libraries decision to organize certain titles by their relationships to major holidays, however. Of the four books she borrowed, three were from the Halloween section, and the one that wasn’t is titled April Fool! and features an image of a creature scaring another creature with the old snake-in-the-can gag. Why? Because Madison’s favorite hobby is attempting to scare Lynnette and me. I’m not kidding. She runs up behind us with those great big feet pounding on the floor and screams “Rah!” “I heard you coming,” I say. She did get Lynnette and me this summer. She got me as I walked into the computer room. She came around the corner and screamed. I just froze. “You got me,” I said. She jumped up and down. Mad got Lynnette by placing a oval brown toy on the floor next to Lynnette’s foot. Lynnette saw it, shot it a double take, then moved her foot from it. Mad threw herself on the floor and started speaking in tongues. I thought these successes might quell her quest, but it has only encouraged her.

Grandpa making sure no fry goes uneaten.

Grandpa making sure no fry goes uneaten.

We ate lunch with my dad who has not been feeling well. He’s missed a few days of work so Mad and I decided to hang out. Predictably, my father was watching sports programming and Madison actually enjoyed it because the first segment she saw was a blooper reel. She laughed at all the plays, but says agreed with me that the best clip was the foul ball caroming off the wall, then finding its way to the butt crack of a completely unaware bullpen catcher. My dad and I talked about baseball, Bijou tried to eat Madison, and we ate all the fries. Pretty standard, really.

K-den, summer!

K-den, summer!

We ended the summer the way that we started it: at the pool. It was warm and sunny, perfect for the end of True Summer. There are things we didn’t get to this summer. We never took the training wheels off of Mad’s bike. We didn’t make it back to Yokohama. I gained weight then didn’t lose any of it. On the bright side, we both have sweet tans. Madison, Abby, and I found Coke bottles with our names on them. I read Gone Girl, fulfilling my one-new-book-a-summer requirement (you know, as opposed to the books I’ll be talking about AGAIN starting Monday). We ate a lot of really, really good food. Lynnette and I celebrated another year of marriage and not killing each other. I got Madison addicted to Pokemon. It’s nearly August and the Mets haven’t been completely eliminated from the playoff picture yet. There’s a lot to like.

It’s not so much summer but time in general that seems to be moving at a ridiculous pace, whatever the natural opposite of “glacial” is. I mean, in two days we’ll be 7/12ths through 2014. How the hell is that possible? I still have to remind myself to write “2014” instead of “2013” on everything I sign and date.

Thanks, Summer, for being mostly clear and pretty hot – especially these last two weeks or so. Mad and I enjoyed the pools and beaches even more because of the perfect conditions. Thanks, Mad, for cruising with me this summer, helping me memorize a bunch of Scooby Doo and Pokemon stuff I never wanted to know in the first place, but most of all, for being my partner in crime again.

My favorite memory from this summer: “Do you want to go to Summer Fun next year?” I asked Madison as we passed by a program on our way to a playground. “What do they do?” she asked. “Well, they have arts and crafts, song and dance, and sports and games. They also go on field trips. Mom and I used to work at Summer Fun. That’s how we met. They do a lot of cool stuff,” I said. “You know dad, we do a lot of cool stuff, too,” she said. It was the most meaningful compliment I’ve ever received.



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