Not Quite Back-to-School Shape, But I’ll Get There

The first day of school is in the books and it only took me 45 minutes to get home today! I can’t wait until everyone goes back to school! That’ll be super-awesome, for sure!

Don't you know you need some time on your own?

Don’t you know you need some time on your own?

For the first time in my tenure at Damien, a class will be in my classroom during every single period of the day. For those of you that know me and have witnessed first-hand my sprawling work style (AKA the habits of a slob), this is something of a problem. My primary concern, of course, is copious notes which I am known to cover my whiteboards with. Sharing the room with another teacher throws a huge wrench into that. I’ll figure it out as I go along. Less important, but just as jarring is the fact that I will not be able to work in my classroom during off periods in silence and solitude. Well, it’s not that I have to play Def Leppard songs while I’m along in class, but it would be nice to still have that option. I saw this coming and resurrected my Nintendo DS. I borrowed Pokemon Platinum from my cousin and started the slow march toward supremacy. I’m going to say it. I miss Save State. So I sat in the room which has become something of a teachers’ workroom and plowed away at the leveling-up. In two days or so, I won’t have time for that, so I have to enjoy it now.

"Breakfast sushi!"

“Breakfast sushi!”

My handwriting is deplorable and I spent 30 minutes of each class talking in Mr. Higa’s voice. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had to break that out, and the consquently the back of my throat feels shredded. As long as I don’t lose my voice like I did a few  years ago, I should be good.

I forgot to defrost something before going to be last night so we had to eat breakfast for dinner. Madison was thrilled. She wrapped her rice, egg, and bacon in nori and touted it as “breakfast sushi.” I have another picture of her as she’s looking at the camera, but she’s making one of her ridiculous faces and pointing with her finger. I refuse to enable such behavior. Sometimes. It was the highlight of my day to listen to her compliment herself on making such a delicious meal. I could hear her over the water. “This is really good!” she said. “This is best thing I’ve ever made!” she said.

The usual.

The usual.

Four of my five classes have grammar quizzes tomorrow, and two of them have already turned in homework. Tonight, I will read through nearly 50 assignments answering questions on The Hunger Games. I am not complaining; I did this to myself. But even as I type this entry, I can feel my body slowly start to digest the first meal I’ve eaten all day. My body is reacting poorly to the extended, non-summer day. My eyelids are getting heavier, and the mugginess in this room has caused a thin sheen of sweat to cover the surface of my skin. These are not ideal work conditions. Look, I know I said I would iron my shirts tonight, but I don’t know. It seems like that might get pushed to the back burner, behind Katniss and Gale and Peeta and their bizarre love triangle. I wish I could just watch the movie of these assignments.

Thank you to the 2012 graduates who stopped by to say hello today. I can’t believe you’re all juniors in college! Good luck this year.


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