Hurricane Iselle Day

Lynnette did end up getting called in for a shelter shift and spent Thursday night and Friday morning at Mililani High School. Madison and I were asleep by 9:30, both of us wiped out by the first not-even-full week of post-summer. Lynnette got home after her 12 hours (on top of a full day of work), took a shower, then promptly passed out. “Don’t let me sleep past noon,” she said before closing her eyes. It must have felt like only 10 minutes had passed when I woke her at noon. “If you want to sleep a little longer, go for it,” I said. “Maybe half-an-hour,” she mumbled with her eyes still closed. Mad and I finally got her out of bed at 1:15. She earned every bit of that.

Better than a usual Friday, I guess.

Better than a usual Friday, I guess.

Prior to Lynnette’s awakening, Mad and I spent most of the morning Pokemoning. I played Pokemon while Mad watched me. Mad watched Pokemon while I watched her. The wind was wicked and shot rain at our home sideways. Trees were bent at dangerous angles. And then some time around midday it stopped. When Madison and I finally roused Lynnette, we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday. We had not dined there in some time and um, I think we may never do so again. But it was worth a shot, I guess. I know Lynnette’s scoffing or shaking her head or both as she reads this. My bad, sweetie.

My little sous chef.

My little sous chef.

Because we had been cooped up indoors all morning, we wanted to stretch out a little. Somehow, we we ended up at Seafood City in Waipahu to find dinner. We found a tray of salmon belly and some shrimp. When we got home, Lynnette took another nap and I watched the Mets game. By the time I started making dinner, Mad was so bored that she decided to help me. I made her the honorary flour girl during our meal preparation. I seasoned the salmon pieces, then gave them to Madison to dredge through flour. As you can see, we lit a few just-in-case-Guy-Hagi-get-it-right-this-time candles to accentuate the mood of our restaurant.

There's real anxiety here!

There’s real anxiety here!

Lynnette and I had promised Madison we’d paint in the afternoon, and when it came time to, we realized that the canvases were at Lynnette’s parents’ house, their resting place since the great appraisal cleaning of 2014. The Goob was pretty salty about what she perceived to be a broken promise and she had a right to be. We hopped in the car after dinner and drove all the way across the overpass to Mililani Town to get the canvases. We also tried Menchie’s for dessert, but they were closed. We settled for Baskin Robins instead and saw that nearly everyone in the Mililani/Wahiawa area must have been trying to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last night. The line was out the door and wrapped around the building. “There’s no way the movie can be that good,” I said. “It’s a movie and AC,” Lynnette countered. Touche.

Anyway, Mad and I had watched a DIY science video earlier in the day and she was caught up with the lava lamp. I felt like it was least I could do to in the way of an olive branch. We followed the instructions and it actually worked! The only drawback is the relative brevity of the liquids’ action. All that matters, though, is that Mad had a good time. Hopefully we’ll get around to painting today.


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