Family Painting Session #2

After a morning of non-hurricane-related errands, we finally got around to painted as Madison requested. The weather was still wet enough in Mililani to prevent me from feeling that locking ourselves inside in the comfort of air conditioning was a waste.



I asked Madison what she wanted to draw and she said “Um… a Pokemon, I think.” When I asked her which one, she played dumb or coy, depending on what you believe about her personality (I go with coy because of that passive-aggressive thing she always does). Finally, she said “I want to paint Oshawott with heart eyes because of Attract.” I did my best basic pencil rendering of just such an image. Thank you, Google image search for the assist. Maybe you’ll think the final product is cute. You know what isn’t cute? Madison’s high-pitched squeals of Osha-Osha-Oshawott. I think the only reason Lynnette hasn’t strangled Madison yet because she’s trying to figure out how much responsibility I should have to bear for this.

Her patience and discipline are incredible.

Her patience and discipline are incredible.

Initially, Lynnette said she was going to paint koi. When we finally sat down, she said “I think I’m going to make a faux-Heather Brown.” And that’s exactly what she did. I finished my awful painting about an hour before Lynnette did. I had time to watch Lynnette’s technique, and damn it, I don’t know how she gets her paint so even! She just sits there and lays down stroke after stroke after stroke. Yesterday I tried to paint without black lines to separate different portions of my work and I hate it. I lack the patience and brush control necessary to do a good job. Whenever I can’t get the paint even or the brush to make a line of consistent width or darkness, I want to throw the brush and canvas across the room. I don’t enjoy the process of painting. I just want it to be over. But Lynnette enjoys it. I observed her from the couch and really marveled at the way she was able to execute her vision.

I'll do better next time.

Finished products.

It’s really kind of terrible to realize that as a 34-year old man, I possess the patience of my 6-year old daughter. I tried specifically to avoid anything comic book related and perhaps that was my problem. I really did love the process last time, but for reasons that seems stupid now, I wanted to change it up. So instead, this shitty representation of part of a Flying V is going to live on our living room wall, only to be made to look worse for having to hang next to Lynnette’s contented little bird above a Brazilian sea. Madison’s Pokemon apocalypse doesn’t count. Again, she’s 6.


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