Happy 4th Birthday, Abby!

Her birthday is 8/21, Phil! Your favorite numbers! See, she was meant to be part of our family! -Lynnette Higa, arguing for Abby’s purchase 4 years ago.

Any reason to party, right?

Any reason to party, right?

Though I’ve been busy with last week’s picnic and the daily grind of my job, there was no way I would be able to forget about Abby’s birthday because Lynnette has been promoting it like crazy. She cannot resist the Filipino genetic coding that predisposes her toward throwing parties. She had been asking me questions about the dinner and dessert menus for the last week. When she brought up cupcakes for humans and adults, I pulled a Pontius Pilate and told her she could do whatever she wanted. The fact that Bijou and all of her parents’ dogs weren’t invited was something of an surprise.



Lynnette and Mad dressed Abby in a new dress designed by Bret Michaels. Yes, that Bret Michaels. Abby’s birthday is also the one time of the year when Lynnette breaks out the crown that came with Abby’s “Fairy Dog-mother” costume we purchased the year Madison went trick-or-treating as Cinderella. Lynnette posted a photo to Instagram of our festivities with #yeswearethosepeople as part of the caption. Nice try, sweetheart, but next time, just tell everyone the truth and go with #yesIamthosepeople. Also, despite what it looks like, in this photo, Abby had a really nice time. She ate both treats pictured here as well as an all-meat dinner.

Second best day ever, Wabba?

Second best day ever, Wabba?

Mad and I also took Abby for a walk after dinner. It was still light out, but there were heavy gray clouds in the sky. I thought that the large meal and desserts might have slowed her down – I mean, that’s what happens when I eat the way she did – but they did not. Abby tugged on the leash and wanted to open things up. I, on the other end of the leash, had no intention of moving at anything faster than a slow walk.

Going for walks is one of Abby’s favorite things. If anyone even says the words “walk” or “outside,” her ears perk up like deer who are taking a drink at the stream, then hear a twig snap somewhere off in the distance. When Abby saw Madison get her leash from the drawer, she started doing wind sprints and jumping jacks. It wasn’t the best day of Abby’s life, but I hope she felt like a princess.

My best fur-friend and I.

My best fur-friend and I.

I never had a dog growing up and my parents got Bijou after I left for college. B was always my mom’s dog and she adores my father. Lynnette’s family had dogs all her life and perhaps she missed having one around in our place. On the day Lynnette begged for us to go to the pet shop because she fell in love with a dog she had been seeing behind my back for weeks, I fought it. Madison was still very young and I still very lazy. But as Lynnette often does, she got her way. Not before I made her promise however, that she would be the one responsible for the puppy. It was my first experience with a child asking me for a pet, but the beggar was my wife.

Something I never expected happened in the four years since. I love this dog. Some mornings, she stands at the top of the stairs as I sit at the bottom getting my dress shoes on. She’s waiting for me at the top of stairs no matter what time I come home. She naps with me. I might have dropped pieces of chicken skin on the floor by accident yesterday 4 or 5 times. All she ever wants is to hang out with me:

Since it is hot in our home, I spend most of my time there wearing nothing but boxers. Abby follows me into the bedroom and if she sees me open my dresser draw, she charges at me. If she sees me begin to put on shorts, she jumps at me and paws at my shorts. It’s like she knows shorts on dad equals dad is leaving the house, so she tries to prevent it from happening. No one has ever loved me that much.

Happy birthday, Abby. You’re a great dog.


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