Errands All Weekend

A truly underrated feature of summer is the opportunity for Mad and I to take care of errands during the week. Since the school year started, we’ve been restricted to running our errands on the weekends, cutting down our play time.

Madison's favorite shirt doesn't fit her.

Madison’s favorite shirt doesn’t fit her.

There are a number of children’s birthday parties coming up in the next month or so, and we took care of buying gifts for those cuties today. Our searching took us from Waikele to Pearlridge. I wore my Pikachu shirt today. When Madison saw it, she gave it a shout of approval. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you which two syllables she screamed. What I had hoped would be just a phase has extended out past summer. Madison is still very much in love with Pokemon and has decided to dress as Pikachu for Halloween. How much does Mad love Pokemon? “Mad, if we you have a baby brother, can we named him ‘Chu’ so that in the yearbook, his name is Higa, Chu?'” Lynnette asked her. Mad laughed. She also didn’t say no. Interestingly enough, Lynnette is supposed to do some homework this weekend so she can eventually sew me an Ash costume. I’m trying to temper my expectations, my I have to admit, I’m super-excited! (HALLOWEEN IS ON FRIDAY THIS YEAR)

Best Pokemon Story of the Day: We were walking through Pearlridge, a boy walking toward us must have seen my shirt because he blurted out “Pika, Pi-Ka!” as he near us. Lynnette and I looked at each other, then back at the boy, quickly moving in the other direction. He was carrying two Icees. “Did he make those noises?” I asked. “I think so,” Lynnette said. “Shit, I think that was Madison’s soulmate,” I said. Lynnette laughed. “I know! With two Icees!” Love is so fickle.

It's still 50/50 Mad will blank out during the sharing.

It’s still 50/50 Mad will blank out during the sharing.

The week’s laundry was waiting for me at home. I got started immediately and popped in Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt. 2. I can offer no explanation other than I was down for some vampire violence and I had forgotten most of the movie. Lynnette pulled a double shift, folding the clean clothes and watching over Madison as she finished her poster presentation. She has to complete the speech component on Thursday. Madison’s past performances on school-assigned speeches ranges from “meets standards” to “covers the essentials” to “abandoned the script.” She famously blanked during a Kindergarten speech and filled the space by telling her classmates that Abby couldn’t come to California with us because she has too many accidents on the carpet. It’s highly possible that her speech on Thursday will be invaded by thoughts of vampires because Madison was intermittently watching the vampire action, too. Don’t worry, I covered her eyes whenever something unsightly was about to appear on screen. I allowed her to watch some of the film, and it was a wise choice.

“Why is he taking off all his clothes?” “How come he just turned into a dog?” “Are the dogs good guys?” “Are the dogs vampires, too?” “Are the vampires good guys?” “Is that little girl a vampire?” “Is she a bad vampire?” “How come you and mom like scary movies like this?” “What’s happening every time that smoke covers her face?” “How come I can’t watch this part?” “Don’t cover my eyes, dad!” “Is she riding the wolf?” “How come that man is chasing them?” “Did she hold on to the wolf or did she fall off? Oh, there she is!” “Why did the man punch the ground?” “Are only the bad guys falling in the hole?” “What happened?” “I thought they were fighting. How come they’re not fighting anymore?”

Even my 6-year old thinks it’s a horrible ending. But is being vindicated worth the risk of having that same 6-year old possibly drop some vampire knowledge on her first grade class in a moment of blank desperation? I guess we’ll find out.


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