Hayli’s First Birthday and Pokemon Moves at the Pool

Today was Hayli’s first birthday party. You might recall that she’s my third best friend. Our entire family showed up at the Okinawan Center an hour before the party to help set up. Matty and I had a number of responsibilities culminating in running a game featuring a plastic mini-basketball hoop and tape balls. Obviously, that ‘s simultaneously a great a idea and a horrible idea. Whenever children were interested in playing, Matty and I graciously rebounded their tosses and fed them the balls. Whenever the children weren’t interested in playing, however, Matty and our cousin Ritchie busied ourselves with trying to throw the balls into the basket from all over the place. Relax, no one got drilled in the face.

It's going to be so cool to see them grow up together.

It’s going to be so cool to see them grow up together.

I was morally obligated to take this picture.

I was morally obligated to take this picture.

Other than a few trips to the bathroom and about 25 minutes at lunch, Madison and I spent most of the party in the games area. In fact, I have no idea what Lynnette did for most of the time. She showed up every once in a while offering snacks and drinks, but no thanks, no time. I had buckets to make. I’m actually kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I took very few pictures today because I got so wrapped up in trying to throw change ups and 12-6 curveballs into the hoop from 100 feet away. In fact, this picture of the Nakagusuku Softball Fan Club is the only good one I took inside the hall. For shame. But I did nail a few throws from pretty deep range.

While my single-mindedness didn’t help, Hayli was in such high demand that I got to spend just a few moments with her. I sheep-dogged her away from the entrance to the hall, took a tape ball away from her, snapped this picture, and played a little peek-a-boo with her. I get it, though. You have responsibilities on your birthday. Everyone’s there to see you, it’s chaotic, and everything happens so fast! Maybe that’s why she passed out during her own slideshow. What a cutie. Congrats, Tyler and Kristi! Happy birthday, Hayli!

Even the water felt like it was in the 80s.

Even the water felt like it was in the 80s.

"I wanna dance on the water."

“I wanna dance on the water.”

Being in the wonderfully air conditioned Okinawan Center made me forget about the sweltering heat outside. By the time we made it to the Costco parking lot (of course we went to Costco, it was on the way home) I was sweating lightly. We walked into Costco and I expected to be met by a wall of cool air. I was not. It was a little muggy in the warehouse today, especially on the edges. The fruit smoothie helped, but I had my mind on the pool before we even got back on H2. “Hey Mad,” I said. “You want to go to the pool?” I asked. This is the most useless question in the universe. I don’t recall a single time Madison has ever turned the pool down on a day like this.

We arrived at the rec center and found the pool sparsely populated. Mad and I jumped in together. Like Costco before it, the pool was much warmer than I had hoped. Still, it was better than being home in the living room. As you already know, every time we go to the pool, Madison sets her sights on learning a new move. What she means by this is a Pokemon movie. To my knowledge, Madison is primarily a water-type Pokemon with the following moves: swim, front flip, backflip, splash, water drill, water bomb, and water spin (which is completely different from water drill, somehow). More impressive than any of these, however, is the fact that she appeared to be treading water today. As a non-swimmer myself, I think that’s pretty cool. My daughter, however, was insistent that I capture another of her movies on camera. I guess this is cool, too.


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