Just Like We Drew It Up

Yesterday was one of those rare days that went exactly according to plan. The weather cooperated, traffic was light, and my stomach was gracious enough to give me advanced warning before going nuclear. Welcome to the the list, Haleiwa McDonalds. Congratulations.


Gorgeous. The view, I mean.

Brave Abby!

Brave Abby!

I think she might like it.

She might like it.

Anticipation of the southern swell essentially forced us toward the North Shore. I didn’t want to deal with traffic, anyway. Since we went to Sharks Cove last week, we decided to give Waialua a shot. Since Google is my fourth or fifth best friend, it helped me find Aweoweo Beach Park. “Do you want to go to the beach with us?” I asked Abby. Her ears perked up. I think she heard ** *** **** ** go ** *** ***** with us? That’s all it takes. The Russian Roulette game that is Apple Maps took us to a residential area where we found a beach access lane. When we emerged from the narrow walkway, we were greeted with an amazing view of the Haleiwa shoreline to our right.

Abby shocked all of us by charging the shore break. Lynnette sat in the shade eating her lunch with Abby. Madison and I were already in the water because we had a big breakfast and also Madison has the patience of a 6-year old. I guess Abby was whimpering  as she watched us play in the water. Lynnette would later tell us that Abby was so distressed that she ignored an offer of fried chicken. I’m sorry, but that seems impossible. That’s like me passing up a sushi buffet offer; I won’t even waste your time pretending to decline. Anyway, when Lynnette and Abby finally descended the beach, Abby jogged right into the water and swam over to me. Check out the second picture – the hair on her face is still dry!

“I think she likes it,” Lynnette said as Abby rested on the board. “Well, she might,” I said. “I mean, if the choice is between the open ocean and the board, I think it’s a no-brainer for her.” Best part of bringing Abby to the beach? No bad choices on the carpet!





The early lunch at the beach was part of the plan to get an early dinner at the Mililani Eat the Street event. We drove up near Rec 7 and parked the car in an open spot along the curb. “We’re pretty close, right?” I asked Lynnette. “Yeah, it’s right around that turn,” she said. She was wrong. It was a longer walk than we thought it would be, and Madison let us know that by moaning, groaning, sighing, whining, fake crying, audibly inhaling, screaming at us to “wait up,” and repeatedly asking us if we were there yet. She’s the best, but she can also be the worst.

Madison got a waffle dog because she always eats a waffle dog at the Eat the Street events. Lynnette got a mixed plate from Elena’s, and she decided quickly, something unusual for her. Generally, Lynnette likes to explore the space and check out all of her options before deciding on what to commit her hard-earned money and empty stomach. Yesterday, she simply said “I think I’m going to get Elena’s,” and that was that. “This is a lot,” Lynnette said of her plate. “You can have some.” YES!

Once Lynnette and Madison were settled down in the shade of a tent, I went off to find my dinner. I was line for a poke bowl before a voice in my head said You can always get a poke bowl. I got out of line and fond a BBQ truck. Ordinarily, this is something that I would not consider, but I’ve been watching too much Food Network. Whenever we watch a show like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, I am hypnotized by watching chefs dump a billion ingredients into a stock pot, slow-cook a huge cut of meat, and Guy Fieri stuff his face. I guess when I saw the BBQ truck, I thought of all these things and involuntarily smacked my lips and nodded my head. Before I knew what happened, I was walking back to my girls and a 20-ounce Coke and a smile.

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