2014 Dallas Cowboys 1-1: It’s Homecoming Week

The Cowboys game wasn’t carried on Fox or CBS on Sunday morning and as such, I was forced to follow a video-less version of the game’s events from the computer. I was also watching NFL Red Zone intensely, and I have rediscovered that watching a Cowboys game on Red Zone is so much less emotionally draining than watching the game live. Red Zone only breaks to games during important moments, so whenever I am watching something non-Cowboys, I am more or less safe in assuming that Bad Tony Romo has not struck again.

Go, DeMarco!

Go, DeMarco!

Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (left) ran for all the yards, but just one touchdown. Since DeMarco is a member of my fantasy team, this is bittersweet. Unlike my decision to bench Brandon Marshall yesterday due to availability concerns, which is all bitter. I have a 10-point deficit to make up and only Zach Ertz going for me tonight. This would have been over if Marshall played an early game, because then I would have been able to make a call on him rather than just guess.

Anyway, as far as real life goes, I suspect that yesterday’s 26-10 victory over the Titans went about as close to script as the Cowboys could possibly hope for. Dallas handed the ball off to DeMarco and the other running backs over and over, eating up huge yardage and most of the clock. This had the added benefit of keeping the defense off the field for stretches of the game, and that’s always a good thing. I drafted Murray with the thinking that this would be the best-case scenario. I drafted Romo thinking that the best-case scenario rarely plays out for Big D, and that there would be shootouts quite frequently, but again, back to real life, I am 0-2 with my hypothetical football wagers. Such is life.



It’s homecoming week at work and that means the glorious opportunity to wear shorts to work. These are the kinds of things that get me going in my advanced age. Sadly, I did not remember homecoming week until after ironing 3 dress shirts, but it’s hard to be upset about it. I guess that means I don’t have ironing to do next weekend. Anyway, today is “Purple and Gold” day, so I am wearing a yellow polo shirt with shorts. Tomorrow is “Jersey Day” and there’s a 100% chance I’ll be in on that. Wednesday, however, is “Walking Dead Wednesday,” and the students and staff have been encouraged to do some light zombie-effects. I will be in shirt and tie because that’s the best zombie costume I own. Thursday is “Throwback Thursday,” and that might take more effort than I’m willing to put out. Friday is “Class Color” day, and the faculty color is purple. I got that on lock. So we’re looking at 4 out of 5 days in shorts. That’s pretty awesome.


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