Even More Diversions and Distractions!

Because what I really needed more than anything else was even more things to tug me into non-productive directions.

Me too, Nick. Me too.

Me too, Nick. Me too.

Lynnette and I blew through the first two seasons of New Girl last year and it didn’t take more than a few episodes before it became one of our favorites. The disparity in our interests is well documented; it’s rare that she and I find something we both completely agree on, so New Girl wasn’t just a TV show for us, it was a rare common ground. Since the end of season 3 last season, I’ve been occasionally scouring the internet for information on when it would begin streaming on Netflix. A couple weeks ago, I learned the date would be the 16th of this month. I text messaged Lynnette immediately, then immediately forgot about it until all three of us were in bed on the 16th.

“WAIT, WHAT’S TODAY’S DATE?!” I squealed, popping up from bed. It was a rhetorical question. I cued up the Netflix and found New Girl waiting there for me. It was like seeing an old friend! Four old friends! Nick! Jess! Winston! Schmitty! Now, Lynnette and I can watch New Girl all day (ALL DAY!), but I think we’re going to try to pace ourselves this time. I hope. That’s the plan. Ideally.

This is the face of someone who has discovered a new place she likes.

This is the face of someone who has discovered a new place she likes.

We gave Wing Stop, a relatively new eatery in the Mauka Gateway Center, a try after Madison’s dance class on Wednesday night. Man, it was busy. I want to say that 90% of the people there were military families from the area, or on their way from or to Schofield. “This is the kind of food they’re accustomed to,” Lynnette said. “Imagine if you were traveling some place, wouldn’t you do the same thing?” she continued. “You’re right, I would definitely look for sushi no matter where I was,” I said. It was jarring to me, I suppose. The difference between all of them and myself being that I came to wing stop for something to eat, they were there specifically because they wanted wings. I was raised to think that Hooters was taboo, and I have always preferred burgers to wings, so I didn’t understand all the fuss. But I guess I now understand why Buffalo Wild Wings opening in Pearl City was such a big deal.

Lynnette and I are always leery of trying new places with Madison in tow. She’s not a super-picky eater, but she knows what she likes. We ordered a family-sized tray of wings in teriyaki, Louisiana rub, and garlic parmesan. I think Lynnette ordered the teri-chicken for Madison, but I knew that if Mad would like any of them, it would be the parm. It was covered with cheese and dripping with butter. If Madison had her way, this is how everything she eats would be prepared. It is safe to say that we can add Wing Stop to the list of places all three of us can enjoy a meal.

My Pokemon apprentice.

My Pokemon apprentice.

The biggest and worst (best!) distraction to hit me this week is Pokemon Y. My cousin (ahem, who is in high school) let me borrow his old 3DS and the game. Every day this week, Madison and I have carved out some time to catch new Pokemon. The best of these sessions came last night.

Because Madison has been watching Pokemon: Black and White on Netflix all summer, she’s developed emotional attachments to some of the main characters. She has no problem with coming up with stupid nicknames for the Pokemon (she named Doduo – a two-headed bird – “Birdbird” because, well, it’s a two-headed bird), but I am never allowed to alter the names of beloved Pokemon like Pikachu. He/she/it will always be Pikachu.

Last night Madison was roaming through the flowers and tall grass looking for new Pokemon to capture. I was on my iPad looking ahead at the walk-through (camera pans to Lynnette who shouts “CHEATERS!”) and I came across a cave a short distance from where we were on the map. I scrolled through a list of the available Pokemon in the cave and saw Axew. Axew is Iris’ primary Pokemon, and like Pikachu, he/she/it is never in a pokeball. “Mad, look who’s in the cave,” I said. Her eyes scanned  the iPad. “Axew!” She looked me straight in the eyes. Then, without smiling, laughing, or any emotion, she said, “Dad. We need to go to the cave right now.” I was rolling.

We spent 15 minutes running back and forth in the tiny cave, running into a billion Zubats and some Meditites and Whismers. Lynnette sent Madison to bed before an Axew appeared. “Dad, dad, if bump into an Axew, you have to wake me up, OK?” she said, again in her severe voice. “Madison, you’re going to be terrible in the morning,” Lynnette said. “I WON’T!” Madison scream-promised. A few minutes passed. “I think I need a drink of water,” Mad said. “No, you don’t,” I said. “You’re just stalling,” “OK,” Mad said. “I’ll just wake up with a dry mouth tomorrow morning.” (camera pans to shoddy remake of old drug commercial. Madison guilt trips me. “Where did you get this? Where did you learn to do this?” Phil screams. “You, alright? I learned it by watching you!” Madison roars back. Aaaaaaan scene!) Another 15 minutes passed and Madison had grown quiet. Axew finally showed up. I moved over to Mad’s futon and woke her up. For a few seconds, she seemed startled. But then she remembered. “Axew-ew!” she cried. “Good Lord!” Lynnette cried.

We caught Axew. We did not change his name. “Good, good, we needed someone who knows dragon rage on our team,” Madison said. The parenting is strong with this one.


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