Return of the Invaders (and In the Meantime!)

The laws of nature are pretty straightforward about the impossibility of physically occupying two places at once. Both Damien’s Homecoming pep rally and OLGC’s 50th Anniversary celebration were scheduled for last night, and I decided to kick it really old school (pre-Mustangs Invaders old school!) in Pearl City. Sometimes, you have to make tough choices that are made slightly less tough by the thought of driving from Mililani to Kalihi and back in traffic twice in a day.

These two...

These two…

We arrived on campus shortly after 7 and immediately ran into my brother Paul, my dad, and the Arqueros. My mom was waiting in line for dinner and Madison sprinted behind her, then gave her the good old “RAH!” She scared my mom and made a few people near them turn to look. They bore curious faces.

Madison and Miah spent most of the evening together talking about their favorite television shows, movies, and toys. For some reason, Madison looks so much longer and older when she’s interacting with other children. I can’t explain why. Miah is one of the few children that Madison feels completely comfortable around. She’s not shy or soft-spoken or  hesitant with him. Later, when the night took us to Cherry on Top for dessert, Madison and Miah seemed to communicate in a language comprised entirely of half-words and giggles.

They're back!

They’re back!

The other reason I decided to go to Pearl City instead was the reunion of Matty’s band. In the Meantime (formerly known as Geno Malalis and the Geno Malalis Band and  also Walter Do Drugs) only gets together for special occasions. Someday, I’m going to build their Wikipedia page from scratch so I can write Jay’s name in the “Former Members” section 18 times. Mad’s always been drawn to Matty’s musical skills. When she was much younger, she just stood in front of Matty while he played at a birthday party. She stood there and stared at him. Last night she wanted to be sure I got a picture of her with her favorite band. Who am I kidding? They’re my favorite band, too.

At some point during our conversation last night, my friend/former co-worker/current fantasy football commissioner Chris asked me how long it had been since I’d set foot on OLGC’s campus. I couldn’t remember. It was great to see friends and family and old faces all in one place, against the backdrop of Matty’s breathy vocals. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so video’s got to raise that number exponentially, right? Well, this should be better than anything I’ve written in this space.


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