Congratulations Chris and Marisol!

My high school classmate Chris married Marisol, the love of his life, yesterday evening. Lynnette and I were blessed to have been invited to share in such a gorgeous ceremony and a raging party for family and friends masquerading as a reception.

I'm pretty sure Pinterest was jealous last night.

I’m pretty sure Pinterest was jealous last night.

It was a little muggy (as opposed to the murderously hot it had been all day) and it drizzled off and on during the lead-up to the ceremony, but the skies remained dry. The couple read the vows they had prepared themselves. Both Chris and Marisol spoke eloquently with a touch of humor. There was the kiss, and applause that ranged from “Aww…” to “I’m really happy for you!” to “NOW WE HAVE A REASON TO PARTY!” Foreshadowing. Then, like someone scripted it, a light rain fell as the newlyweds walked back down the aisle, leading the rest of the wedding party away from the site.



Cocktail hour followed in an idyllic setting. On one end, the windmills spun in the distance across a green valley. At the other, the sun slowly crept toward the shimmering ocean. In the middle, lost of music and lots of drinks. Lynnette and I found a small table. Brett Kalani found us, and a few minutes later, Geno and Shannon arrived. Finally, Chris came by for handshakes and hugs and jokes. Jokes, as many of you know, are the foundation of relationships founded at Damien. Over the course of the night, we’d be joined by Daniel and Dylan – two more classmates, both in the wedding party – and there would the appropriate amount of catching up and the larger amount of rehashing.

She's too fine.

She’s too fine.

Like always, Lynnette was a versatile date. She warmed up with a few mojitos and a glass of champagne. We raced together through the downpour on our way to and from the restroom. Of course, we took a lot of pictures. Lynnette and I marveled at Sunset Ranch’s scope, the simultaneous beauty and simplicity of the decorations, and we both had a conversation consisting of nods and moans during a fantastic dinner. As a lifetime introvert and over-thinker, I am always grateful to have Lynnette at my side during social events like these. He knows and understands me like no one else and weddings in particular always remind me of our own wedding and how lucky I am to have married my best friend. Last night was one of those great nights for she and me, clicking on all levels. It was the kind of night fueled by alcohol and great music and laughter all that good stuff which makes you – well in this case me – realize that marrying your best friend isn’t an end point, it’s only just the start.

During his thank yous, Chris addressed those in attendance by saying something along the lines of “each one of you are here because all of you have touched our lives – and maybe you didn’t even know it – it was a smile or a hug or whatever at different times periods.” While that’s true of nearly all weddings, it seemed especially true last night. I can count the times I have hung out with Chris since 1998 on one hand. So when I got the invitation in the mail, I was touched. To speak to him last night and hear him recall some of those things I never thought anyone would remember was equally as moving.

Chris and Marisol, thank you for a wonderful evening. We wish you only happiness. Congratulations!


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