2014 Dallas Cowboys: 3-1, A Streak Continues, Another Ends

Finally. The Perfect Football Weekend.

Thou shall not pass!

Thou shall not pass!

I did not force her to wear this shirt, you clowns.

I did not force her to wear this shirt, you clowns.

I never exhaled, even when it was 31-3. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the New Orleans Saints 38-17 during Sunday night’s prime time game, avenging an outright embarrassing 49-17 loss last season. I am glad they won, and to be completely honest, I would have taken a close loss, so long as they didn’t crap the bed on national television again. The Cowboys are 3-1 on the season and one of the NFL’s biggest surprises. I suspect that their performance hasn’t garnered headlines because everyone expects the real Cowboys to show up sooner or later. Maybe they will, but I’m going to enjoy this ride however long it lasts.

The serendipity began Sunday morning. We found a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt for Madison at Old Navy. It was probably meant for boys, considering it was in the boys section, but still. It fits! I’ve compiled a few key statistics this season in the hopes of finding a trend.

Cowboys Record When…

…they play at home: 1-1.

…they play on the road: 2-0.

…they wear the white jerseys: 1-1.

…they wear the navy blue jerseys: 2-0.

…I wear my Cowboys shirt: 0-1.

…Madison wears her Cowboys shirt: 1-0.

Basically, Madison has to wear her shirt. That’s all we can control, you know?

Chee Huu!

Chee Huu!

The second set of stars aligning were victories by both my fantasy football teams. Monday night’s game is inconsequential to both my match-ups, particularly because I was already ahead by .7 points in the Damien league with two players to go and I benched both. No need to drag things out with the possibility of a fumble or something else stupid happening. It is the first time, but I already know: I love taking a knee over the internet.

Finally, yes, the drought is over. I hit a four-teamer. Ahem.


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