Fall Break 2014: Wet N Wild

Our season passes to Wet N Wild will expire in less than three months. We’re trying to get our proverbial money’s worth. When we first bought the passes, I received a free buddy pass. I promptly put the pass somewhere safe – then immediately forgot where that safe place was. This has been something of an in-joke between Lynnette and I since June. “I wish I could go to the water park, too,” she’d say. I’d sigh. “But someone lost the buddy pass,” she’d continue. “Look, I didn’t throw it away,” I said. I know myself. “I just put it someplace safe; I only have to figure out where that is. It can only be a couple places.” She scoffed. Well, I found the pass today and sent a picture of it to Lynnette via text message with the comment “I know myself.” Her reply: PFFFT!

Thank you, weather gods, for the choice conditions.

Thank you, weather gods, for the choice conditions.

"They fixed the lily pads, dad!"

“They fixed the lily pads, dad!”

No competition for favorite ride.

No competition for favorite ride.

I don't know what's up with my hair.

I don’t know what’s up with my hair.

We don’t have anything new to report about the water park, other than my mild irritation with Hawaiian Time. The park opened at 10:30 AM, but none of the lifeguards were at their stations. It would be another 10 minutes before they allowed anyone into water of any kind. Maybe it’s nitpicking, but if you’re opening the park at 10:30, maybe you should be ready to go at 10:30. That doesn’t seem unreasonable. OK, end mild rant.

Madison was happy that the lily pads were repaired. I got a couple of solid pictures of Mad bounding from one pad to another. The first time she went for it, the space she had to cover was about two feet. “I don’t think I can do it,” Mad said. “I know you can,” I said. I’ve seen her make jumps of similar lengths before, but I suppose things look different when one isn’t on solid ground. “Go for it, Mad!” I said. She made a curious face, then took two hard steps and took off. It wasn’t exactly a high spot from Die Hard or Wrestlemania, but I’m sure that’s exactly what it felt like to Mad. I will never get tired of watching Madison conquer new obstacles.

Sadly, there was something amiss with the Raging River, Madsion’s favorite ride. It seemed to be moving much more slowly than on any of our other visits. I don’t know if they’re short a raft or two or if the lifeguard at the bottom of the ride was slow, but the pace was noticeably slowed. “We’re only going to do this once,” I said to Madison. “Why?” she asked. “Because this is taking way too long,” I said. Also, I had burned my shoulder by scraping it along the inside of the tube of the racer ride. “Is that a sunburn?” Madison asked when seeing the reddened skin. Lynnette and I have recently stressed to Madison the importance of sunscreen by stressing the dangers of sunburn. “No, sweetie, it’s just a regular burn,” I said. “It looks like a rash,” she said. “Yes. Yes it does.” She put her wet hand on it. It felt nice.

The unrelenting heat, the thirst for air conditioning, the beaches and pools and water parks. This week has had the feel of summer. “We only have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday left of Fall Break,” Madison said over lunch. “You’re right,” I said. She frowned. “But wouldn’t you rather have had this week than nothing at all?” I said. She wrinkled her nose. “Yeah. But how long do I have to rest my tummy?” she asked. Kids are resilient.


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