Date Day: Snorkeling

Lynnette’s parents volunteered to take Madison to the pumpkin patch and just like that, Lynnette and I had ourselves a Date Day. Date Day is Date Night’s less romantic but also less expensive younger brother. Date Night can be ruined by the fact that Lynnette and I aren’t young whipper-snappers anymore; we might decide to head home while the night is young. Date Day can be and has been ambushed by responsibilities of adulthood such as a rogue Costco run.

No rain!

No rain!

We headed to Ko’olina in search of sea turtles. Lynnette had never been to the beach near Lanikuhonua where Madison and I ran into a few sea turtles. It was still too early in the morning for Lynnette to even consider getting into the water. Lynnette’s tolerance for cold temperatures is legendarily weak. I went off on my own with a snorkel to check out the fish and the clip that attaches the snorkel to the mask snapped in half. “Welp,” I said. Lynnette offered up her hair rubberband and MacGuyvered the snorkel to the mask. It actually worked better than the plastic piece because the rubberband offered more flexibility. Anyway, Lynnette managed to take a nap until, she says, during a moment of lucidity, she imagined a scenario in which a rhinoceros beetle landed on her chest. Apparently, she roused herself for the rest of the day. She had one eye on Date Day and the other looking for diamond-shaped leaves on palm trees.

It was a little murky today.

It was a little murky today.

Spectacular views.

Spectacular views.

Once Lynnette got into the water, we took turns snorkeling and taking pictures of fish. Eventually, we started taking pictures of each other. You can’t blame us, really. Aside from being generally attractive humans, the waters were rough and therefore murky today. The sun only sporadically peeked out from behind the clouds. They weren’t ideal conditions.

Lynnette and I spent about half-an-hour in chest deep water swapping the snorkel. It was great. I think I finally understand the most important feature of Date Day and Date Night. I can turn off my parental Spidey-Sense. Whenever Madison is around, my instinct is to remain close to her and focus most of my attention on her. I can’t climb the rocky area because she can’t come with me. I can’t wander off wherever I want to because she’ll get tired.  Date Day is a kind of freedom from that. Of course I have to be considerate of the hottie in pink, but she’s an adult and less likely to get herself into trouble than her daughter or her husband. Thank God.

We were there for two-and-a-half hours without a turtle sighting. We were about to leave when we saw people in the water form a loose circle. That’s when this guy showed up and made our Date Day.


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