“What do you want to carve on our pumpkin this year, Madison?” Lynnette asked. Madison gave Lynnette the only possible answer. Oshawott.

1234“I don’t think we’re going to be able to do that, Madison,” Lynnette said. “What? You don’t like Oshawott, mom?” Madison responded. That’s when our Mom of the Year candidate got to work. She printed out two pictures of Oshawott (Madison’s favorite Pokemon) and held them in front of her chest. “Which do you like better?” she asked Mad. The Goob picked and Lynnette went to work.

Over the course of three nights, Lynnette created the coolest jack o’lantern I’ve ever seen (in real life). Madison and I would retire to bed and Lynnette would remain in the kitchen, toiling away. She started by toothpick-marking the outline. She used a knife, the pumpkin-carving tools, a drill, and a I think a razor blade to chip away at the unnecessary pieces of pumpkin. Abby lurked beneath Lynnette’s chair waiting for fallen scraps. Slowly but surely, Oshawott began to appear on the surface of our pumpkin.

Last night Madison and I were already in bed when Lynnette told us she had finished. We walked out into the kitchen and turned off the lights. “Osha! Osha! Osha!” Madison shouted. The small candle in the pumpkin was too dim. Lynnette fixed that, too. She took a knife and carved out a small hole into the back of the pumpkin, then inserted a small pocket flashlight into it.

Tonight, when our family is out collecting way more candy than Madison and Lynnette could ever eat, our house will be decorated with the smile of Madison’s favorite Pokemon. I hope other children recognize Oshawott. I hope they take pictures of and with it. It really is amazing, just one of the many wonderful things my talented wife is capable of. Thank you, Lynnette, for adding an awesome touch to our Halloween.


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