Halloween 2014: A Pokemon Special

Halloween might have been on a Friday night, but it looks like the trade-off was intermittent rain all night. Not that it mattered to Lynnette, the Holiday Monger.

Abby never looks at the camera.

Abby never looks at the camera.

Pikachu and Ash.

Pikachu and Ash.

Too strong the thunder bolt!

We didn’t notice until we got home!

The rain conditions were varied last night. There were drizzles, light rains, steady rains, passing showers, and straight downpours. It was  raining pretty hard right before we were set to leave the house and head up to the houses near our home. “It looks pretty bad out there,” I said to Lynnette. “Well, it’s going to look bad all night,” Lynnette said, exasperated. What I didn’t understand until a few minutes later was that the rain was never a factor in regards to our trick-or-treating plans.

On a regular non-holiday, cloudy skies or a slight drizzle are enough for Lynnette make an executive decision and alter our plans. On the day of a holiday, though? It would take a natural disaster or act of God to prevent us proceeding as planned, and I suspect that she would call a hurricane “really only just a rainstorm with a little wind” and hurry us out of the house.

So we walked out into the rain anyway and it was mostly fine. It rained hard for two separate 5-minute periods and that was about it. There were sporadic drizzles, and it wasn’t fun to walk around with soaked socks and clothing, but in the end Madison got her candy and we got our exercise for the months of October and November.

Trick-or-treat stories are almost always the same, so I’ll regale you with our post-candy grab exploits. Like many of our stories, it is a tale of escalation. As we walked back home, I thought about how good a McDonald’s milkshake would taste. “What about Teddy’s?” Lynnette said. “OOOOOOHHHH!” I said. We stood before the counter trying to figure out an order. “Are you hungry, Mad?” Lynnette asked. “Do you want fries?” “Yeah,” Madison said. “I’m a little hungry, and you guys won’t let me eat candy.” You have to absolutely love her advanced-stage passive-aggressive BS. “You want regular fries or cheese fries?” Lynnette asked. “Cheese,” Mad said. “What about bacon, guys?” I said. We ended up with bacon cheese fries, a dreamsicle milkshake, and a Coke. Our night was made, however, by the two young military men standing patiently next to us as we finished our order. “Hey,” one of them said just as we finished. I nodded. “I just wanted to let y’all know – Pikachu, Misty, and Ash – I love y’all’s costumes, man.” “Thanks,” I said. “That’s tight,” he said and walked out of the restaurant.


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