2014 Dallas Cowboys: 6-3, the Bad Kind of Streak

It was a plan my mother came up with on Saturday. My family would arrive at my parents’ house early Sunday morning to catch the first 3 quarters of the Cowboys/Cardinals game, then drive to Sushi Bay for lunch. Even if the Cowboys lost, I thought, I would win. Well, that’s exactly how it played out.

Both faces were appropriate.

Both faces were appropriate.

Tony Romo was a scratch on Sunday morning, ironically adding certainty to an uncertain situation: I was pretty sure the Brandon Weeden-led Cowboys would lose. Given the Cardinals’ propensity for blitzing the hell out of quarterbacks and the Cowboys’ ineffectiveness against the blitz last week against Washington, it seemed pretty clear what the outcome would be.

Well, at some point in the game, the score should have been 16-14 in favor of the Cowboys, but the Cardinals blocked a field goal attempt just before the half, and then Brandon Weeden threw a horrible, horrible interception inside the 30-yard line after the half. That was about it.

And now this: Dallas plays Jacksonville in London this weekend. Do I think Dallas should be able to win without Romo? Yes. Dallas has a bye the following weekend, so he could get four weeks to heal. But ESPN reports this morning that Romo is making the trip to the sepulchral city, which means he’ll likely play. Do I think Romo should play this weekend? No. Buuuuuut, it’s two losses in a row and 7-3 sounds a whole lot better than 6-4, so…

Did I ever think we would become one of those families? No.

Did I ever think we would become one of those families? No.

We didn’t stick around for the blowout because Sushi Bay. I made sure to eat a light dinner and forego breakfast so that my stomach would be adequately empty for sushi. My lone regret is that I did not take a picture of the plates stacked on our table. Between myself, my wife and daughter, my brothers, Tanya, and my mom and dad, we did some serious damage. The meal culminated in Matty, Paul, and I being asked several times if we were finished. Each time we replied with variations of “I think I might have one more in me,” or “Meh, just watching what’s coming around.” We did have room for one more, to the shock of no one. I ate a single salmon patty for dinner and I was not hungry when I woke up. That’s exactly how you draw it up.

Finally, I wanted to relay the story of my new Cowboys shirt as pictured above. We were at Pearlridge on Saturday and as Madison finished her lunch, I excused myself to visit the Lids Locker Room. I found this nifty shirt and tried it on. Then, Frugal Phil said “Nah,” put the shirt back and walked out of the story. I got about 1/3 of the way back to Aloha Salads before turning around and hastily walking the shirt to the register. “This is stupid,” I said as I entered my PIN into the keypad. “What’s stupid?” the girl at the register asked. “Well, I already have a Cowboys shirt,” I said. “Then why are you getting this one?” she asked, ignoring the rules of good salesmanship. Or maybe she just knew it didn’t matter. “Um, I only wore the other shirt once – and they lost,” I said. “Oh,” she replied. “I don’t trust it,” I added, probably making things worse. I saw the confusion in her face as she placed the shirt in the bag as clearly as I can see Lynnette shaking her head as she reads this. The side-to-side movement is likely accompanied by a swear word, or a milder version of one if she is in earshot of anyone else.


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