2014 Dallas Cowboys: 7-3, the ‘Boys Heat Up and Our House Cools Down

The Cowboys played the Jaguars in London yesterday and Fox decided not to air the game in Hawaii. It was probably a justifiable decision. I only saw highlights though NFL Red Zone and as such, my emotional investment in and enjoyment of the game was significantly decreased as opposed to watching the game live. Fear not, my entire family still donned our Cowboys t-shirts.

Dez, using his super powers to break tackles.

Dez, using his super powers to break tackles.

The 31-17 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars broke a two-game slide and as of this writing, the Cowboys record is 7-3. Tony Romo threw for three touchdowns yesterday; two of them went to Bryant who broke 324 tackles during the game and somehow still broke fewer tackles than either CJ Anderson or Marshawn Lynch. DeMarco Murray ran for 100 yards (yay!) but no touchdowns (boo!), and the defense recovered three turnovers. It was an all-around good game.

I wish I could have seen the entire game for obvious reasons, but most specifically so I could have seen Tony Romo’s body language. I saw highlights of Romo taking a few hits and getting up slowly, then walking gingerly back to the huddle. By all accounts he seems fine, and he will get almost two full weeks to heal with the bye next Sunday. Great timing!



Last night was the second in a row which required me to sleep with the comforter on. I cannot remember when I needed it last – probably some time in late February or early March – but the cold is a welcomed change from the heat and humidity that persisted through the summer and fall to this point. As a result, I have slept well the last two nights. It is such wonderful thing to sleep through the night without having to wake up because of the discomfort caused by sweat at the back of your knees. “There’s a cold front coming,” Lynnette said on Friday. She was right. It’s so cute when she talks about the weather like she knows what she’s talking about (pan to shot of Lynnette sticking a middle finger at me right now). I hope this is a turn for the seasonally permanent. I like coming home in the afternoon to a living room that feels more like a human abode than a sauna.

What a life.

What a life.

It’s cool enough that we’ve strapped on Abby’s lined coat. Madison rooted around in Abby’s drawer in the entertainment center and the dog sat by, gleefully wagging her tail at break-neck pace. When Madison unearthed the coat, Abby started doing mini-jumps, then took four knees next to me so I could put it on her. Once she was velcroed in, she quickly ascended the couch and took her spot at the top. Like her mother and her sister, she is wont to be seen by all in the season’s latest fashions. Eventually, she found her way into my freshly laundered clothing for one of her six afternoon naps. I can’t even be upset with her for disrupting my piles when she looks this cute.

I call.

I call.

Well, for as long as I haven’t needed the comforter, Madison’s been sleeping in our room to avoid the heat. Last night when it became clear her room would actually be pretty cool, she started voicing her desire not to sleep in her own room. “You used to do it all the time!” Lynnette said. “I forgot how to sleep in there!” Madison said. It is so thrilling to watch two masters of Goat Logic in such epic battles of wit. Madison told me that she would rather sleep on the couch in the living room than in her own room. I don’t know if she understood the concept of “calling one’s bluff” was before last night, but I hope she is now. I set her up with on the couch and went to bed. At some point around 12:30 this morning, Lynnette woke me up to tell me that Madison asked to come back in the room. I didn’t care, I was too tired. Nice move, kid.


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