Madison’s first tooth popped out!

Basically a grain of sand.

Literally a baby tooth. Well, not literally. You get it.

Madison’s had a loose tooth for a while, but it’s been very loose for a little over a week. Both she and Lynnette wanted to yank the thing out the second it budged even a little, but somehow both found the patience to wait. Lynnette and I were in the bedroom when Madison came racing in from her own. “Mom, mom, mom! My tooth fell out!” she screamed. On her finger lay a large grain of rice partially covered in blood. Lynnette and I both looked down at her hand. Then we both looked up at her face. She was smiling broadly.

Another first!

Another first!

Madison’s tooth has been loose for so long that she’s had to compensate for it. On our hike of Hamama Falls, she had been smiling for pictures awkwardly by jutting out her jaw. “What are you doing? Smile nicely!” I said when I looked at the capture on the camera. “I AM SMILING!” she yelled. Lynnette and I took turns making faces and showing her what she looked like. “YOU GUYS ARE MAKING FUN OF ME!” Mad shouted. It figured it out later that day. She had started to smile this way because when she smiled in her regular way, the top row of teeth pushed down on the loose tooth and shoved it forward, looking very much like a jagged shark’s tooth.

She knows what she wants.

She knows what she wants.

Lynnette eats stuff like this up. She could not wait to introduce another fictional magical figure into Madison’s life. Like Reid the Elf before her, Lynnette was all too happy to explain the magical money-gifting Tooth Fairy.

“I want to keep my tooth,” Madison said. “You don’t want to leave it under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy? She’ll leave you money!” Lynnette said. Whenever Lynnette poses a question like this, just remove the word “don’t”. That’s what she’s really trying to say. It took a while, but I learned. Anyway, Madison remained adamant that she did want her tooth to be transported to some ethereal dimension she could not see. Like that one piece of soap, she was not willing to let it go. Lynnette refused to be denied her money-gifting. “Why don’t you write the Tooth Fairy a note? She might still leave you money!” Of course she will.


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