Congrats, Mike and Lynie!

We finally got around to celebrating the reason we were in Las Vegas in the first place. I guess it’s official(er): Congratulations, Mike and Lynie!

I guess you can only pose for nice pictures so many times before you just snap.

I guess you can only pose for nice pictures so many times before you just snap.

Madison, of course, was pumped to wear her fancy long dress. “Mom never lets me wear long dresses,” Madison is fond of saying. While that’s probably true, there is a reason behind Lynnette’s constant refusal: we rarely ever encounter situations where a long dress is necessary and/or functional. A wedding would be one of the few. If it seems like this dress is a little much, just know that it’s at least four shades less dramatic than the color she originally wanted. Uncle Paul gave Mad the faux pearls, and the bouquets were handmade by Lynnette and her aunt and cousins. I asked her to take a picture in the hallway outside of the suite and was met with “I think we’ve taken enough pictures for today.” She wasn’t wrong, but I couldn’t allow her to be right. I suppose this nonsense pose is an attempt at civil disobedience, shedding the stereotypical gender roles as placed on women by society at large. Or she was just irritated with all the pictures, already, dad.


Mad wedge air!

Equally as adorable was my wife/matron of honor. If the wedding colors look familiar to you, they should. Mike is a huge Cowboys fan, much much deeper than me. He owns mustard and ketchup bottles in navy and white with the Cowboys logo on them, Cowboys bottle openers, numerous shirts, andandand a Cowboys helmet signed by Troy Aikman. So obviously, we get along just fine. Anyway, Lynnette was striking today in her silver and navy. If there’s one bad thing about being a parent, it’s that when your wife is stunning and your body begins to teem with emotions, your daughter is sitting right there asking you to quiet down so they can hear an episode of Pokemon she’s already seen 45 times.  Kids are great, though.

Congrats Mike and Lynie!

Congrats Mike and Lynie!

Mike and Lynie,

Thank you for opening your home to us over this long weekend. As if things weren’t crazy enough for you two this week, you had to deal with mom and dad, plus the three of us. I don’t know how conducive that was to successful wedding planning and execution. Couldn’t have been great. Congratulations on committing to each other for the rest of your lives. May your days together be filled with smiles, laughter, but most of all love for each other. Madison, Lynnette, and I were blessed and honored to have been small parts of your wedding celebration. We can’t wait to see you two soon, here or back home/ Also, GO COWBOYS.


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