IMOP Reunion and Faux Snow

The stars aligned!

Friends>Burgers. It's close, though.

Friends>Burgers. It’s close, though.

Fellow IMOPper Brad and his family met us at Bachi Burger for lunch yesterday. The burgers and (oxtail chili) fries were great, but the company was better. Brad and his son Eli came back home within the last year, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen Renette, too. I can’t remember the last time I saw Jeff, Brad’s brother. You know you’re old when you spend half of the meal reminding your kids to behave and eat their food. Thank you guys for making time for us, the food, and the laughs.

Perfect form.

Perfect form.

Not so graceful.

Not so graceful.

Lynnette found a link to an event called Winter Wonderland in Downtown, and it didn’t disappoint. There was a small mountain of snow and plastic sleds. Madison was hesitant to ride down said mountain herself, so Lynnette went with her first. Things like this can only go one of two ways with Madison: she’ll absolutely love it or never want to speak of it again. Luckily, she loved it.

Lynnette went on the first two runs with Mad, and they chose the left side. When I went with Madison, she wanted to try out the right side. We found out the hard way that there was a sizable hole at the bottom of the hill. Basically, it killed momentum, then caused head-snapping and tailbone annihilation. You’d think that my ass would have eaten most of the impact, but no. As I slowly got off the track, I explained to Lynnette what happened. “Really?” she asked. “Watch!” I said. Another man with a daughter took off down the slope. he hit it worse than we did. “Oh, my friggin’ tailbone!” he said as he rolled off the sled. Lynnette giggled. And then in a show of complete stupidity, I went on the right side again because that’s what Madison wanted. I love that kid more than my ability to turn my head.

The Las Vegas playground game is strong.

The Las Vegas playground game is strong.

Bunga! Live!

Bunga! Live!

We walked a few blocks to Container Park, a shopping, eating, and playground area formed partially out of recycled metal shipping containers. There is a playground (monitored by adults!) which consists of a huge tree house with slides, ladders, and nets; foam pieces use to build structures (Mad built a see-saw); and some kind of sound contraption. It was amazing. If I wasn’t so damn lazy, I’d start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build shit like this on Oahu. But I think what I’m noticing is that all the best playgrounds here are privately owned. That means they don’t rely on the city or state for upkeep. I think that’s how it has to work, otherwise it just falls into disrepair and that’s that. Mostly we need a rich guy/company to build and maintain a bunch of these on Oahu. That’s kind of difficult thing.

Lynnette found a boba drink at the end of the day, and Madison was able to bang on this percussion instrument (no idea which) here while a news crew filmed a report in the background. That’s a pretty solid day as far as I’m concerned, and that’s before factoring the slabs of hamachi at dinner. You know what’s not going to be a solid day? Tuesday at work.


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