Something Akin to Redemption

I found a set of those plasti-gel pellets with compressed sponges in them at Times. These items hold a special place in my heart because they were the start of Matty and Paul’s short-lived criminal careers. Dummies.

Congrats to my brothers for living down their criminal pasts.

Congrats to my brothers for living down their criminal pasts.

Years ago, Matty and Paul stole a shit-ton of these little capsules from a store in Pearlridge called Bubble Gum.” Yeah, really. So they took a bunch, then spent a morning exposing all of them to water in my parents’ bathroom. I told you. Dummies. When my parents asked them how they came to be in possession of these pills, my brothers said they found them on the ground. That might have been a plausible explanation – if they didn’t have 130 of them. Today, they joined Madison to play with a legally purchased set.



I filled a tray with tap water and the three tossed their capsules into the tray. Nothing happened. “Did you fill it with hot water?” Paul asked. “Was I supposed to?” I said. “See when you don’t pay attention, dad?” Madison said. “What, you can’t read, Phil?” Matty said. That last one hurt. We’ve been saying Matty can’t read for years, and damn it, I let him turn it around on me. This is unacceptable. All I could do was tilt my head back, growl, and fill the tray with hot water. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A DAY WHEN I GOT TO MAKE FUN OF THEM FOR BEING HORRIBLE THIEVES!



“Do they come in anything other than dinosaurs?” Paul asked. There were a few beats of silence, then everyone simultaneously muttered something like “I don’t know.” The dinosaurs began to emerge from their plastic prisons, and Madison’s excitement peaked. “I think that’s a triceratops!” she shouted, pointed to the back of the pill card. A t-rex also made itself known, but the four remaining dinosaurs had some physical issues. The stegosaurus was a hunchback. There was some dinosaur that resembled a flying squirrel that kind of half-expanded. This is what an anti-climax looks like. “They probably would have opened all the way if dad used hot water from the start,” Paul said. “Yeah,” Madison said. She looked at me with the thick furrowed brow she inherited from me. “Next time use hot water, dad!” Paul smirked. Jerk.


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