The 2014 Inductees to the Higa Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is up! Lynnette the Holiday Monger would have seen its erection last week had we not been so tired from our trip to Las Vegas. She did, however, make sure the tree was set up and decorated during this first weekend of December, so as to maximize the holiday cheer.

Warm, fuzzy, and all that.

Warm, fuzzy, and all that.

Our Christmas tree traditions might be a little different than most. The decorating of said tree is taken care of by Lynnette and Madison while I tend to some other chore like the laundry. This is by design as Lynnette and Madison and me are the prototypical “too many chefs in the kitchen” as far as an activity like this is concerned. Lynnette knows exactly what she wants and I can only hamper this vision. Meanwhile, Madison’s excitement reaches a fever pitch and it’s all either of the adults in the room can do to remind her to be patient and relax while Lynnette methodically takes care of the pre-decorating tasks like Voltron-style tree combining and schematic ornament unboxing. It really is a treat to sit on the couch, fold clothes, watch football, and listen to their two disparate attitudes collide. I’m gonna put this one here! Just wait, Madison. Okay.

Another of our Christmas tree-related traditions is the purchase of an individual ornament each for the tree. I like this one better because it’s all personal choices without Holiday Hitler to dictate policy.

I think she picked this out in September, or whenever Macy's started putting out the Christmas displays.

I think Mad picked this out in September, or whenever Macy’s started putting out the Christmas displays.

Madison saw this snowflake months ago and decided it would be her ornament du year. When we first saw it, Lynnette shrewdly told her we would not buy it that day because Macy’s would have a One Day Sale soon, and the price would be cut into a fraction of its retail. She was right. I haven’t asked Madison why she specifically picked this out, but I have a few ideas. It’s large. It refracts light well, and from certain angles can appear to be lighted. Most of all, though, I can’t help be feel some kind of connection between this ornament and the movie Frozen. I think I am lucky as far as most fathers-of-girls go. Madison has never really been obsessed with Frozen the way many girls of her age have been. I think we all know the reason for that. Good job by you, Phil.

A wise choice, wife.

A wise choice, wife.

While Mad and I had our ornaments purchased before our Las Vegas trip, Lynnette did not. I think it was her plan all along to see if she could acquire one during our trip. It’s exactly the kind of thing that she would do, after all, make a keepsake. She opted for a Baymax and Hiro one that we found at the Disney Store on Black Friday. It’s pretty sweet as you can see, but nowhere near as cool *SPOILER* as Drunk Baymax. The Disney Store had an entire display set up for ornaments – traditional characters like Mickey and Minnie, the princesses, and even a few Marvel and Star Wars pieces – and I think I saw a little regret in Mad’s eyes that she had jumped the gun on her ornament way back in July. Lesson learned. Maybe.



I think it’s pretty clear that I picked out the best ornament, though. Every year, Hallmark makes a handful of ornaments in the likenesses of professional athletes, but this year, none of them were Mets or Cowboys or Alex Morgan. I was about ready to leave the store when I eyed this mini-masterpiece. It wasn’t on display on the wall, and I couldn’t more of them, so I made sure to examine it thoroughly before purchasing it. It is old-school, original design Optimus Prime in all of his peace-on-earth-saving-glory. You know what got me? The stickers on the forearm. That is attention to detail. I nearly wept over the huge blue fists that I stored in Prime’s cabin when he was in truck mode, then shoved into the holes in his headlights in robot mode. Best of all, though, he will never change teams. He will always be prime Optimus Prime, unlike my Johan Santana and Demarcus Ware ornaments who are resting in the darkness of their boxes down in the garage because they are no longer a Met and Cowboy, respectively. Sigh.


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  1. […] and Predator, which in the end wasn’t much of a choice since I picked Optimus Prime up last year. Next year I’m hoping for one of the Mets pitchers or Tony Romo in an arm […]

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