2014 Dallas Cowboys: 10-4, Alone in First Place

I’m going to be completely honest. I have no idea how the Cowboys beat the Eagles last night, but I am thrilled that they did.



The win gives Dallas sole possession of first place in the NFC East with two games left and avenges its ugly 33-10 loss the the Eagles on Thanksgiving. The coast, however, is not clear as the Eagles have played better in the division and therefore cannot make the playoffs with a record identical to the Eagles. Considering Philly’s remaining slate of at Washington and at New York, the Cowboys will likely have to win out, beating the Colts at home and Washington on the road. From here to there, then.



Tony Romo and Dez Bryant hooked up for three touchdowns. DeMarco Murray scored twice, and Jason Witten made huge catches on third down to continue several long drives. Most remarkably, however, was the performance of the defense. You know, after they let a 21-point lead evaporate. The much-maligned defense created four (!) turnovers, and yet even more impressive were the four sacks of Mark Sanchez. Quarterback pressure has been so rare for the Dallas front four, I no longer shout “GET HIM!” when it looks as if a lineman is closing in on the quarterback. Instead, I wait for the pressure to end – usually with the quarterback getting the ball out – before screaming anything. Last night, I sarcastically screamed with delight after each Dallas sack. “Ooh, a sack?” “Who do you guys think you are?” and Madison’s personal favorite: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” in the highest pitch I can muster.

Most Valuable Pup.

Most Valuable Pup.

Still, I feel as if the game ball and MVP award must be given to Abby. We stumbled upon a dog boutique on our last day in Las Vegas and we found a horribly over-priced Dallas cheerleader outfit that I did not hesitate to buy, even though I have long held myself to a “I Will Never Buy Clothes For Abby And Strip Her Of Her Dignity” rule.

If you didn’t know, Abby loves wearing clothes. If it even looks remotely like we’re approaching the drawer where her clothes are, she sprints to meet us, then gets up on her back legs to check out her wardrobe. Yesterday when I slowly set Abby up with her dress, I regaled her with the importance of supporting America’s Team, and though I cannot know for sure, I thought I could feel Lynnette’s eye rolling from somewhere in the house…while she was dressed in her own t-shirt.

I’m going to give credit where credit is due: great game Cowboys! Finish the fight! I also gave Abby a piece of jerky. 1-0 in the cheerleader outfit!


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