Sitting Through Traffic, Christmas Shopping, and Sitting Through Traffic With Uncle Brett

It rained pretty much all day and quashed any hopes Madison had of visiting the water park before our passes expire at the stroke of 2015. If the weather doesn’t clear up quickly, we might not see the outdoors until next week at the earliest, given our commitments on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and what the meals on those to days will do to my beach physique.

Not the vest she had in mind.

Not the vest she had in mind.

I was right about us missing out on someone’s Christmas gift. Lynnette realized our oversight and charged Madison and I with finding a gift for that mystery person. That was fine with me because as of this morning, I hadn’t spent a single second looking for a gift for Lynnette. Madison was pretty disappointed that there would be no water park, but I gave her the option of wearing her bubble vest and pink rain boots and her spirits quickly rose. Though it was not the vest she had her heart set on wearing, she soldiered on. We were Ala Moana bound, but before we headed into town, we had to pick something up at my parents’ house in Aiea.

Uncle Brett!

Uncle Brett!

On our way to pick up Brett (G-Mon$) in Aiea, I told Madison that he was a very old friend. “We went to Damien and LMU together,” I told her. “You guys have been friends for like 20 years!” she said. She was guessing, but she was exactly right.

We all went shopping together and it was the most time he’s spent around Madison. It made me really happy. We did the thing where I tell Mad funny stories of when we were younger, and there are sooooooo many Brett stories, but to remove all the ones that are not fit to tell a 6-year old is to wipe out nearly 96% of the list. I settled for some tamer stories (Derek Stinger Splashing Brett in the Rains elevator, Brett crotch-chopping his next-door neighbor) and Madison still found them super-intriguing; she was mystified that a man would drink while taking a shower before heading out. As lunch drew to a close Madison asked if Uncle Brett could sit in the back of the car with her. “But now he’s my friend, too,” she said. Ugh, that almost got me. I had to take a deep breath and collect myself. But no, Uncle Brett would not sit with her in the back. This is the best I could hope for, really. That somehow, the people most important to me – past and present – would find a way to reach each other and remain my future.


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