A Brief Beach Excursion

It wasn’t quite sunny, but it was also not raining, so Madison and I decided that we’d chance a run to the beach in the late morning. Madison was hesitant about this adventure until I reminded her about the as yet unopened inflatable raft sitting at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh, with the cup holders!” she shouted. “Let’s do that!”

You better be smiling considering the time and effort it took to inflate you.

You better be smiling considering the time and effort it took to inflate you.

Since we do not own one of those foot-pump…pumps, I had to inflate this bad bad the old fashioned way. It wasn’t fun. In fact, the only reason have this raft is because Madison fell in love with one just like it on a trip to the beach. Two young girls had a yellow one which they graciously shared with Madison. After that, each trip to Target or Walmart required a detour to the water recreation aisle to see if we could find one. I don’t know what Mad’s fascination is with cup holders. She picked out her booster seat because it had two cup holders as opposed to the one featured on other models. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of Madison in the HMS Lynnette (as I joked on Instagram, because it took my breath away) because of a camera malfunction I simply don’t understand. Can someone with a GoPro please help me. It shouldn’t be this hard.

"What does he want, dad?"

“What does he want, dad?”

Well, the water wasn’t nearly as cold as I thought it would be, but the cloud cover and wind conspired to make our beach trip a short one. We did  have the chance to catch two sea turtles today, a small one with a missing flipper, and this big guy. He was awfully friendly, swimming right up to anyone in the area. As it approached Mad, I could tell she was uneasy. “Don’t move quickly, you’re going to scare it,” I said. So Madison performed the only trick available to her: she ignored it. I feel you, sea turtle. She looked away from the turtle, possibly in hopes that it would soon leave and find someone else to get within peeing distance of. “Wasn’t that cool?” I said after the big guy swam away.” “He’s really big,” Mad said. For those of you not equipped with a Madison Translator, that means not really.

Reviving those blue lips.

Reviving those blue lips.

Of course the sun did break free of the clouds – as we were waiting in line for lunch outside of the perennially packed Sushi Bay. Madison welcomed the sunshine because she was cold, but she turned on the sun when she realized the light made it difficult to see the screen on my phone. She’s playing Disney’s “Tsum Tsum” game which is both crack-cocaine for the females in my house and another great Disney cash grab. They’re so good at printing money it’s ridiculous.

Madison got a mini-udon for her troubles and let’s just say that I ate enough so that as I graded papers this evening at McDonald’s, I didn’t even have a hankering for a #4, large with a Coke. That’s really something, isn’t it?


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