First Field Trip of 2015

Lynnette hasn’t been feeling well. She’s got a knock out combination of headaches and stomach aches. As such, we haven’t really been up for our usual school break adventuring. I suppose it hardly matters as this has been one of the worst (weather-wise) breaks in recent memory. Even a gung-ho Madison couldn’t make it two hours at the water park eariler this week, even though she swore that she “wouldn’t get cold” and “there was enough sun.”

123We started off our 2015 in the retail sense at Ward Warehouse specifically so we could bring Abby along. She’s been shut in our house during most of the holiday season while the three of us have been out looking at lights, meeting family and friends, stuffing our faces, and bearing witness to the complete disregard of Hawaii’s fireworks ban.

The silver lining to Lynnette’s prolonged illness might just be that she wasn’t in shopping shape to participate in Fukubukuro this year. Holy crap, I saw pictures of the swag my friends picked up on New Years Day and was absolutely thrilled that I had no reason to take a picture of Lynnette holding up 16 shopping bags. Even today, all she bought was her 2015 Mr. Winkle calendar, her oldest and truest New Year’s tradition.

Abby was jazzed to leave the house, but that excitement often manifests itself a high-pitched whining that makes me insane. Today wasn’t so bad. She kept it together until we got to Ward, then tried to sprint everywhere. Again, I can’t blame her, she’s been in the house all break.

So it’s come to this: the last Friday of my break, and of course I still have grading to do. I’ve mastered the ability to “comfortably come down to the wire,” if that makes sense. I will spend small portions of the next two days finishing up. The best-case scenario sees me finishing before the Cowboys game on Sunday, but the odds of that happening are pretty slim. Before I left for the break, one of my students asked when I thought I would be finished. “I am allotted two weeks and plan on taking the entire two weeks,” I said.

New Year, old me. Literally and figuratively.


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