Coach Lynnette Sighting!

We got a lot accomplished on this, my second-to-last day of Winter Break. Annoying Winter Break Subplot: Madison has an entire additional week of break after this one. What the hell? That’s college break territory. The plan involved cleaning the house in the morning and early afternoon, then running errands in Aiea in the evening.

Hiding from responsibility in the most literal way possible.

Hiding from responsibility in the most literal way possible.

I got up and started doing the laundry. Lynnette made breakfast Abby was lured into the kitchen by its smells. Madison, however, felt obligated to stay in the bedroom and hold onto her sleep for as long as possible. The extreme weather last night knocked out our power for a few minutes, but we were able to Once Upon a Time as usual. Madison slept in our room under the pretense of said extreme weather and stayed awake as long as she possibly could, then – as result – stayed in bed as long as she possibly could. She did clutch up, later, however.

It wasn't all fun and games, I promise.

It wasn’t all fun and games, I promise.

We finished the laundry, put together a work desk for Mad, made and ate lunch, and watched what might have been the worst NFL playoff game in the history of the league. I hope anyone who has ever in the last decade said “Get rid of Tony Romo” watched Arizona’s third-string quarterback make an art form of futility now understands how incredibly hard it is to play quarterback at the pro level. But I digress. Lynnette also put away the Christmas in our house and now there’s so much more room for activities! Incidentally, Lynnette had Madison practice her dance routine for her performance this upcoming week. At some point, it wasn’t enough for Lynnette to watch Madison go through the routine, she had to jump in. That’s right, a Coach Lynnette sighting! Did you know Lynnette took dance lessons as a child? You did? Because she’s Filipino? And it was that or an instrument? Oh. You guys ruined my joke.

That's one of mine, though.

That’s one of mine, though.

As a reward for getting all of our work (except my grading, of course) done, we had dinner at Chili’s. Madison did help out quite a bit today. She cleaned her room, put her laundry away, cleaned up her things in the living room, and even helped me make lunch. She ate all of her dinner and requested ice cream/cookie skillet for dessert.

“She looks like you, sometimes,” Lynnette said of Madison. Madison took a break and chimed in. “Yeah, I look like dad,” Madison said. “You look like mom,” I said. “Except for the eyebrows,” Lynnette added. “And my totoys (Filipino slang word for boobs) are like dad’s, not like yours mom. Until they grow.”

Fan. Tastic.

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