Ehukai Pillboxes

When Madison told Abby that she’d be joining us for a today’s hike, the dog’s ears perked up. When Lynnette joined the conversation with her high-pitched I’m-talking-to-a-baby-or-an-animal voice, Abby lost her mind and started doing wind sprints around the living room. But every single time this happens, one of two things always happens: A) she assumes we’re only going outside of the house to cruise, or B) she completely forgets about the car ride.

Every member of my family is a clown.

Every member of my family is a clown.

Abby whined through Wahiawa. Lynnette tried several different techniques to calm her. She held her close. She placed Abby on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat. She let Abby look out the side window and then windshield. Nothing worked until somehow Abby wormed her way onto Lynnette’s shoulders and squished herself between Lynnette’s back and the seat. I don’t understand it, either, but I am thrilled it happened. Abby finally stopped crying. Thank. God. Next time we’re going start with this.



The Ehukai Pillbox trail was much less strenuous than the Lanikai Pillbox trail. For one thing, the Ehukai version is shaded for most of the walk. It also features many more flatter stretches of path. It was simple enough for Madison and Abby to get up and back with only minor problems, including dirt stains on the back of Mad’s jeans shorts. Every now and then something would get stuck in Abby’s fur and we’d have to pull it out for her. There were ropes tied to trees for balance, but I assume they’re primarily for when the trail gets muddy, as no single section of the hike was steeper than our ascent of Pu’u Ma’eli’eli.

Look at those waves!

Look at those waves!

There are two pillboxes on the trail. The first bunker is cool to walk into, but the view of Pipeline is partially obstructed by trees. A little further along is the second bunker with a much cleaner view of the water below. You can see a little of everything from here: cars on Kamehameha Highway, horses, huge waves, your dog sniffing everything, and your kid eating fruit snacks. Lynnette had a much easier time than our last hike, saying “I think it’s because we didn’t have McDonald’s this time.” She might be right, but she will never be able to convince me of that. But like always, she and Madison – and this time Abby – were great company on another one of our weekend adventures.

Making the best of things.

Making the best of things.

Plan A involved hitting up that little inlet of water at Pipeline after our hike. We were surprised (but not shocked) to find that no such body of water existed. Apparently the high surf this winter has dramatically altered the shore line. Madison was utterly disappointed. In fact, the reason she’s not in this picture is because she was sulking on the body board behind us. I had to coax her into a picture later. In fact, she was pretty cool after we explained erosion.

“You’ve never been to a surf contest before?” Lynnette said in shock. “I can’t swim. I don’t surf,” I replied. “Yeah, but still,” she said, showing off her world-renowned logic. “I think you don’t take me literally enough, when I say that all I did in high school was play baseball,” I said. “That’s pretty much the only thing I did,” I said. “Mm…” she said. “Besides, I didn’t have a thing for Caucasian/local mix guys who could surf, like some people,” I said. Okay, I didn’t say that. But we both knew I didn’t have to. Hmph.


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