Spring Break 2015: Windward Friday

Lynnette took off Thursday and Friday so as to join Madison and I on Spring Break. Sadly, the weather’s been less than cooperative. I wish I could tell you that we’ve been raging so hard for the last two days that I simply haven’t had time to write about it. But that’s not true.

Boots and Kimo's and Boots and Kimo's and Boots and Kimo's.

Boots and Kimo’s and Boots and Kimo’s and Boots and Kimo’s.

Sword fight!

Sword fight!

Lynnette had one of her famous hankerings on Thursday night. “Let’s go to Boots and Kimo’s tomorrow!” she blurted out. Lynnette is a master of justification and reminded me that A) we haven’t been there in a long time, and B) Madison has never been there. Sure. When we drove by Boots and Kimo’s, there was no line outside. I wondered whether they were open or not. “Why wouldn’t they be?” Lynnette said, telling more than asking. They were open and there was no wait. This immediately increased the value of our visit. About 10 minutes after we were seated, one of those tourist vans rolled up and things got hectic. We got in just in time. I won’t bore you with the details of our breakfast except to simply say that I have now eaten a corned beef, onion, mozzarella cheese omelet and my life is better for it. So much better. The cost, of course, is that I may have angered the stomach gods, but such a revenge hasn’t yet occurred.

We also hit up the new Target in Kailua. Madison’s newest verbal tricks are estimating distance in centimeters and breaking down the cost of a product into smaller – though numerous –  payments. For example, if she is close to finishing a level in Nemo’s Reef, then she is “10 centimeters away”. If, however, she is far away from something – like if we’re stuck in traffic on H1 on the way home – then we’re “100 centimeters away”. No, I don’t have the heart to tell her. “Should I buy Pokemon X?” I asked Madison. “Yeah, yeah,” she said. “Mem’s gonna kill me,” I said. “How come?” Mad asked. “It’s $40,” I said. “Oh, that’s just four 10-dollars, dad!” She’s right, but I mean, that doesn’t help, you know?



Of course the unicorn.

Of course the unicorn.

We don't keep score because Mad can't count that high.

We don’t keep score because Mad can’t count that high.

Madison picked Glow Putt as today’s activity. We got to Windward Mall a little early so she hit up the “soft playground”. “Madison!” Lynnette shouted. We didn’t know what the problem was. “This might be the last time you can play here!” Lynnette said. It’s true! We posted Mad up against the Height Seal and his fingers now prod at the back of her head. Unreal.

A YMCA group rented out the Glow Putt area until 10:45 so we had even more time to kill. I am proud to tell you all that neither Lynnette nor I purchased anything during that period. I contemplated a $15 10-minute massage but I was talked down by a wonderful wife who said “I’ll massage you for $15.” And she did. But for free! It was followed by a moderately content ending, which – if you’re interested – is a nap.

Anyway, we did spend a little money so Madison could ride around on faux horses, a unicorn, a zebra, and a giraffe. It’s not as bad as it sounds, nor is it as bad as Madison’s performance in mini-golf. One day, we’ll start keeping score when we go to a mini-golf course, but I’ve got mixed feelings about it. Look, I know I suck at golf. But Madison doesn’t know that about herself yet. What’s going to happen when she figures out that taking 12 swings to sink the ball – 3 of which she missed on completely – is not a good thing? Is it going to steal her joy? Will she turn her back on mini-golf? Because I mean that’s one less thing for us to do on this island, you know?


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