Faux Friday/Pseudo Saturday

Wednesday was Faux Friday and I dubbed (after the fact) Kuhio Day Pseudo Saturday. Here I am in my classroom on the Factual Friday, eagerly awaiting Sincere Saturday. Everybody got that? Well, my penchant for alliteration notwithstanding, my family did have a solid Thursday off. There was food mostly, but out of concerns for my self-image, I’m not going to post any pictures of the glorious fuel I ingested yesterday.

Big League Chew!

Big League Chew!

We went shopping at Old Navy on Thursday night and as usual my family split into two groups. I was left alone to scour the men’s section while the girls explored the female spaces. Once I had selected a few sale items (new shorts for softball), I roamed to the back of the store looking where there toddler clothing is located. They were not there. I went into the empty dressing room area, called out one of Lynnette’s nicknames, but was given no reply. I finally found them in the front of the store, which is where Madison apparently shops now. “There wasn’t anything at the back of the store?” I asked Lynnette sincerely. “No, Madison doesn’t shop back there anymore,” she said. “Huh?” I replied. “She’s a big girl now,” Lynnette said. I looked at Madison who wore an expression of pride, happiness, and troll face. “What?” I said. “I’m not gonna be a baby forever, dad,” she said. She’s probably right. Sigh.

Stupid sun.

Stupid sun.

We met Lynnette’s parents for lunch at Sushi Bay. We waited about 45 minutes to be seated, and in that time it dawned on me: Sushi Bay is a microcosm for the island of Oahu. The traffic outside of Sushi Bay is what happens when a large number of people all want a piece of the limited supply of resources. Living on Oahu is exactly like getting a meal a Sushi Bay: you know what you’re getting into if you try for it, you can’t complain about the wait. It is simply a function of socio-economic factors. You could just get take-out (which would be the equivalent of living on Oahu, but never driving anywhere), but if you decide you want to dine-in, then well, you’ve just got to deal with it. In both cases, they’re active choices. This epiphany didn’t bring my spirits down, however, they only made me hungrier. It’s safe to say we spent less time eating than waiting, but the taste of sushi seems to sugar over many of the ill feelings I have at any given time. This is why I look so happy after a 28-17 Cowboys loss to the Cardinals.

No non-Mets cap should make me feel this happy.

No non-Mets cap should make me feel this happy.

Ever the trendy eater, Lynnette guided us toward a acai bowl place across the street from Sushi Bay. Amazingly, the three of us had space left in our stomachs after lunch so we split a nice little dessert. It was not your standard acai bowl as it came with balls of cookie dough and a chocolate-covered strawberry. I suppose that punted the health right out of our dessert. Oh, well.

The personal highlight of the day came on our trip to Target. I was initially looking for socks, but spied this sweet Voltron cap instead. In case you aren’t aware, I go through the same process every time I find something I want to purchase. I use this process to talk myself out of buying things. I think about the price, then try to convert the dollar amount into something that would benefit my entire family. For example, this cap cost $18, and so I would normally say Man, that’s like lunch for three of us. Next, I will ask Will this purchase make my life better, easier, or more convenient? I try to remove the concept of want from the equation. Well, when I saw this cap yesterday, I completely ignored the process. I tried it on, then threw it in the cart. I mean, really, it’s the Defender of the Universe. Who am I to impugn and sully his status with such a silly process?


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