Finding the Cure for Mets Fever

MLB’s Opening Day is on Monday and I have really lucked out this year. The school’s Easter Monday holiday means I’ll be in the comfort of my own home to watch the Mets take on the Nationals during their first game of the season. I had already made the majority of the preparations for the upcoming season. All that was left was to purchase the a New Mets cap, my first in several years. Since the Mets no longer employ the color black in any of their uniform schemes, I am regrettably no longer able to wear either of my caps featuring the color. What that means – and this may shock you – is as of this morning, I didn’t actually own a Mets cap that fit.

But they did have this! But it wasn't in Mad's size.

But they did have this! But it wasn’t in Mad’s size! I was so mad.

Yes, I procrastinated, but my plan was simple: drive to Pearlridge, buy Mets cap from Lids. It’s the frickin’ Mets. It’s not like their merchandise is going to be flying off the shelves or anything. Well, I was right and wrong. Both Lids stores in Pearlridge had the cap I was looking for, but not in my size. I checked Champs, Footlocker, and Foot Action as well. Nope. “Amazon it,” Lynnette said. ” But the season starts Monday…” I said. It probably sounded like whining, but that’s okay because it actually was whining. A Lids associate informed me that both Ala Moana stores had the cap in stock. And that’s when Lynnette drove me to Ala Moana to find the (temporary) cure for my (seasonal) Mets Fever. It was exactly like World War Z, except we never in danger of dying, there were no zombies, and I am slightly less attractive than Brad Pitt. But otherwise, though!

We're almost there. I can't wait for you to see it.

We’re almost there. I can’t wait for you to see it.

We found my cap. It cost way more money than I want to admit. The first 5950 I ever bought was a Mariners’ deal back in the mid-90s. It cost $21 or something like that. It was back in the day, before they started stitching the MLB logo onto the back of the caps. Since that time, the New Era caps have soared in price to the point where I actually have to think about purchasing them. It’s the Mets! It should be easy! Lynnette has three pairs of Victoria’s Secret New York Mets panties that cost way more than any underwear ever should and I didn’t even bat an eye when I bought them. It was necessary. At the height of my Mets Mania, I would already own every cap the team uses and even ones they don’t – especially this one. But also possibly this one so I’d have a legitimate excuse to buy a pair of Jordans, and this one to match my softball shoes and my Air Max ’95s. Anyway, my family will be in full Mets regalia come Monday. I will be wearing my new cap and shirt. Madison will wear her Mets shirt to school. Lynnette will be wearing her Mets jacket, her new Mets earrings, and if I have my way, all three of those aforementioned Victoria’s Secret panties.


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