Madison’s Epic Dental Appointment

As early as Wednesday night, Madison began crowing about her abbreviated school week. “Mom and my Friday is on Thursday,” she said repeatedly. When Thursday night finally came around, she let me know again. “I don’t have school tomorrow because mom’s going to take me to the dentist,” she said. She didn’t throw in a “ha-ha-ha-ha” at the end, but she might as well have.

Sometime Friday morning Lynnette’s sent me this picture:

"This is what 1.5 hours of dental work looks like." -Lynnette

“This is what 1.5 hours of dental work looks like.” -Lynnette

I know. The comedy is off the charts. Anyway, to hear Lynnette and Madison tell it, this particular trip to the dentist was epic. Lynnette’s words are in blue, Madison’s in pink.

The Night Before

On Thursday night, I thought about it [Friday] being my Saturday tomorrow.

I didn’t know how she was going to react to the news that she was going to have to get a shot in the mouth. And I wanted her to stop saying that we were getting up later (than a usual school day) because we had to be in Kahala by 9 AM.

The Morning Of

The only special thing that happened was she brushed her teeth twice. She let the doctor know that. The doctor asked her if she brushed her teeth that morning, and she said “Yeah. I did. Two times!”

I brushed my teeth twice so that my teeth were clean. Before the dentist appointment I saw a fish tank with a huge fish in it that was brown and silver. 

The Appointment

So she was cool. She got into the exam chair like she was asked and they stared the laughing gas and she was cool with that. And they showed her that they would have to put this rubber contraption thing in her mouth, which they called a “raincoat for her teeth,” but prior to that, they gave her that shot – on the left side.

[Madison didn’t know they gave her a numbing shot] I thought they were just fixing it from the sugar bugs (Editor’s Note: “sugar bugs” is the euphemism used in our home to describe any contributors to tooth decay). So the dentist people said that the raincoat would just squeeze my tooth a little so they could fix it.

There were two areas that required fillings. Based on how she tolerated the first procedure, the dentist would determine whether or not they would work on the second area.

When they fixed the left side, they had to, like, numb my lips, tongue, and cheeks so I couldn’t feel anything when they gave me the shot. It felt like nothing was there because they had to make it sleepy. I felt sleepy too! (laughs)

She seemed to do well and I guess everybody else thought so, because they decided to move on to the right side – which also meant fashioning a new raincoat and giving her a second numbing shot. But Madison didn’t know that.

Wen they moved to the other side, when they started after a little while, the dentist said “Good helper” ten times. 

(laughs) He did! He kept calling her “good helper…” “good helper…” because she cooperated. She didn’t complain… for at least the first 45 minutes. Right around then, I saw her arm go up – and I freaked out a little because I thought she was having some kind of reaction to the laughing gas or novocaine – but when I saw her wrist slightly turn, I realized she was just checking the time.

And then the dentist said “Is that a Pikachu watch?” But I couldn’t talk. After when they took out the raincoat, I said, “I get so mad when I forget my Pikachu watch at home!”

After they finished the second filling, the dentist said that he noticed her back molars had grown in since the last appointment. He called me over so I could take a look at them. He pointed out that her molars had very deep grooves. He said that sometimes they develop normally this way, but that these deep grooves would be problematic as they would trap food and were likely to cause problems in the future. So since she had done really well for the first 45 minutes, he asked if it would be okay if they went ahead and filled in those spots and sealed them.

I felt really mad and I said “Are we done yet?”

When she said that, I kind of laughed out of embarrassment. In the corner. By myself. But luckily the dentist and hygienist laughed too.

The doctor said “No.” I went “AAAARRRRRGGGGAAHHHHHH” 


When the dentist left the room, she started taking off the neck-bib without being asked. They hadn’t even raised the chair from the reclined position and she tried to get out of it.

I felt really weird because I had numb lips, cheeks, and tongue. But I got three prizes because I did super-good. I got a wand, a magnifying glass – because I lost my other two magnifying glasses – and star glasses, which you can see in the picture there.

I offered to take her home because she just didn’t look good, but she insisted on walking around Kahala Mall – with her sticker and piece of gauze hanging out of her mouth.

For lunch we had Jamba Juice and banana bread. I had to eat the smoothie with a spoon because my mouth got really sore. That was the worst Friday.


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