Gone Fishin’!

My mom and dad joined us for some sun and fishing yesterday. Back when Matty, Paul, and I were kids, my parents would often take us to Sand Island to go fishing. Sand spikes jammed between rocks, lines running off bamboo poles in the water, and mongoose stealing my shrimp bait: glorious stuff.

Just enough fishing for grandpa, just enough shade for grandma.

Just enough fishing for grandpa, just enough shade for grandma.

We went to the beach near Turtle Bay because it provided the best mix of features for everyone involved: a short reef to fish off of, a small tidal pool area for Mad to play in, and a treeline to provide us with shade. We set up the tent as soon as we arrived, then all of the adults inhaled sandwiches from Aloha Subs. As an experienced parent, I had Mad eat her Lunchables on the way to the North Shore. By the time we arrived at the beach, Madison was ready to go. Also, I can’t give enough credit to my family for making it down to the shorelines with all our stuff in a single trip. Way to go, guys!

Coach Al with the first catch of the day!

Coach Al with the first catch of the day!

My dad made the first catch of the day with a hand pole. I’m not even going to pretend to know what kind of fish it was. Kind of, sort of rd and green with the big mouth and teeth, and spiny, webbed fins. Pretty sizable, too. Dad immediately lamented his lack of a big pole to throw that fish out on, but what are you going to do? He brought up the most fish yesterday, leading with 5 or 6. Aside from his skill catching the fish, my dad also is the most efficient de-hooker, as taking a hook out of a fish’s mouth is yet another thing I absolutely suck at. Sigh.



I brought up a couple of fish between seemingly endless rounds of baiting my hook. Our shrimp did not take well to the windy and rough water conditions. It wasn’t quite a solid, but too thick to be considered a liquid – it was a raw shrimp slush that was somehow too enticing for fish like Humu here to ignore. The leader in the “I Can’t Believe That Happened” category for yesterday was the fact that Madison had no qualms about carrying around raw shrimp bait. I guess you never know until you tell your daughter “Here, hold this,” and she’s too concerned with the waves around her to realize I am holding shrimp tartare right here.

“At least we had a little action,” I said to Lynnette and we brushed our teeth this morning. “What do you mean?” she said. “It’s just like going to the club, you know? You wanna talk to a few girls, may not hook-up necessarily, but you want some nibbles.” I said. “Uhhh,” Lynnette said. “WELL MAYBE IT’S DIFFERENT FOR GUYS,” I said before shoving my toothbrush into my mouth.



Lynnette also caught a solid number of fish yesterday despite the fact that she caught Oahu more frequently than anyone else. I took a bunch of pictures of Lynnette yanking her pole as the hook remained affixed to some unseen rock formation underwater. Sadly, however, none of those photos are what Lynnette refers to as “flattering,” so I will not post them here. Instead, you will have to simply imagine the majesty of my beautiful wife stalking up and down the reef intermittently tugging on a fishing pole bending in half. Super hot, though.

"Go home, fish!"

“Go home, fish!”

Madison did fish with Lynnette and bring one up together, but she wasn’t as interested in fishing as I thought she might be. We only brought this small red bucket pictured here, and Madison had the honors of returning the first fish we caught to the sea. After that, Madison seemed content to collect water for the fish and pal around with grandma and snacks in the shade of the tent.

We hit up Ted’s Bakery on the way home. Perhaps the highlight of my day was being reminded that my father and my daughter have the same favorite doughnut. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for sharing a wonderful day with us!



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