Three Dates in One Day

I just got back from a softball game which my team won. I notched three hits in the game – a rarity to be sure – and neither of those facts crack the top three moments of my day. No, I spent my Patrons’ Day off going on three separate dates with the girls in my life.

"Why are you home on a Monday, human?"

“Why are you home on a Monday, human?”

To be fair, the time I spent with Abby today wasn’t so much a date as the completion of weekend chores. I knew that I had Patrons’ Day in my pocket so I slow-played the laundry and cleaning from Friday evening to Sunday night. Abby followed me around the house as I performed my menial tasks; perhaps she was concerned that I would leave at some point. I did several times. The first time was to get a hair cut so I could have a fresh look for prom this weekend. It will be the first prom Lynnette and I have attended in some time. I can’t even remember the last. 2012? Well, anyway. I also left the house two more times, but with good reason.

She drove and paid. She's the best.

She drove and paid. She’s the best.

I met Lynnette in Wahiawa for lunch. We had plans for Teddy’s but as we walked to the car,  I said, “I bet you’ve already come up with another place that you’d rather eat.” “Nope,” she said. “Good,” I said. “I’m in the mood for a good burger.” “When are you not?” she said. She has a point. The Aiea burger features bacon, mushrooms, grilled onions, and swiss cheese. And of course, it is named after my beloved hometown, so what’s not to like? I’ll tell you: the garlic-butter fries – which are to love. I half-jokingly suggested ice cream as we headed back to her place of employment. “Really?” she asked. “No, I’m just trying to keep the date going,” I said. “I can take you around Wahiawa, show you the sites,” Lynnette countered. “Nah,” I said. “I’m just trying to keep the date going,” she said. “You wanna park the car somewhere and neck?” I said. “There will be no necking,” she said. I drove back to Mililani with a fully belly but an empty heart. Also, the full belly didn’t last long, either, because how dare I test my stomach with such a rich and greasy lunch?

"I think I can eat all of these, dad."

“I think I can eat all of these, dad.”

My final date of the day was with Madison at the Tesoro near our home. “Do you think it’s a good day to go to our spot?” Madison asked much less passive-aggressively than I thought she would. Our “spot” as we call it, is a small step outside of the mini-mart. “Yes, it is a fine day to go to our spot,” I said. “Hooray!” she shouted.

Back when Matty, Paul and I all attended OLGC, my dad took us to Pacific Sports Cards in Pearl City (where the Dave’s Ice Cream is, next to Chuck E. Cheese) after school. He bought us baseball cards and comics. Sometimes if the machine was free, I played Street Fighter II and got my ass handed to me by the regulars. “Pacifics” was one of the things I looked forward to the most as a kid. If that’s how Mad feels about the gas station, then well, mission accomplished.


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