Hotness Everdeen Sighting at Prom!

The starter’s pistol shatters the summer sky and is followed by moans and groans of thousands of school-aged children, but also their teachers. The month of May is the sprint, the final mad dash at the end of the school year marathon. All of which is to say that I get really busy before I get free. But still.

Yet another prom.

Yet another prom.

Lynnette attended prom with me again last night. We made an epic flipbook. Today, she and I – along with our irrepressible daughter – made the rounds on both sides of the family for Mother’s Day. Nailed it. Suffice it to say that Lynnette and I have eaten way too much food in the past 24 hours. Madison’s tried to take advantage of our constant postprandial lethargy by acquiring as much junk food as she can before we snap out of it and realize what we’ve done. Not surprisingly, this weekend has blown by us. I didn’t want these two days to pass without thanking Lynnette for being an incredible wife and mother.

Last night I observed a great number of couples preparing for their formal pictures as well as their flipbook sessions. These conversations ranged from “whatevers” to overwrought. It was kind of alarming to see how many pairs couldn’t quite get it together quickly. But then Lynnette and I walked up to the picture sign-in and picked a background and a pose. Lynnette did her impersonation of Charizard and I tried for Zoolander or Hansel or at least Jacobim Mugatu. I can’t wait to see it. We figured out the RKO in about 5 minutes and it only took one take. “You’re lucky you have someone to play along with you,” she said after she had broken me in half. She’s right.

I love you, Lynnette. It’s almost summer. More horseplay then, I promise.



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