Letting the Cat(s) Out of the Bag

Things are going to get very interesting in the Higa household.

Lynnette and I had been trying for a second child for nearly two years before we learned that we would be unable to conceive the old-fashioned way. That led us to the IVF process which has led us here: Lynnette is pregnant with twins. Because of Lynnette’s somewhat, kind-of, sort-of, in medical-terminology-anyway-but-she’s-still-a-PYT-as-far-as-I’m-concerned advanced age, we still have a bunch of hurdles to cross and a whole lot of fingers to cross as well. It’s not in my nature to count chickens in any area of my life (probably because I’m a Mets and Cowboys fan), and we’ve delayed saying anything this long for fear of complications, but we were comforted by our appointment yesterday. Additionally, it was getting to the point where we’d have to start outright lying to people about the pregnancy. In fact, we bumped into a friend of mine on Sunday who asked point blank if we were having another kid. I don’t know if it was general curiosity or she looked at Lynnette and could just tell (in Lynnette’s defense, we had just eaten a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch at the Pineapple Room, so it might have been loco moco in the oven just as easily as two buns). “We’ve been working on it,” I replied. It wasn’t untrue, it just wasn’t the whole truth.

In time I am sure I will write more about the details of this arduous process. Some of the stories are just too hilarious not to share, but basically every single time I’ve written “Lynnette had an appointment” or “Lynnette’s under the weather,” it was code for “she’s pregnant.”For those of you out there who might have had a strong suspicion about what was going on with us, thank you for respecting our privacy and refraining from putting us on blast via social media.

Obviously, you all know how my mind works. The second the doctor told us about the multiple pregnancy, my mind start sprinting in every possible permutation of the future. Lynnette is due in late November, and that means Mad and I have one more summer together before she becomes the World’s Greatest Dad’s Sidekick in the summer of 2016. Other than that, I have no idea what all of this means on a practical level other than I’m going to be really tired and very cranky this fall and winter. I joked with Lynnette than when Madison was born, my baby-raising skills were akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episodes I-III. At 35 with twins, I’m going to be Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting Vader on the Death Star in A New Hope, spinning in slow circles, still sucking at burrito wraps. Other than that, I can’t see the future, outside of some kind of monstrosity of a stroller and dear Lord, does this mean I’m in the market for a Sienna?

For now, thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes. We’re still a ways away from a sure thing, but it looks like the next two decades are going to be ridiculous. From here to there, then.


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