Stunt Working Up an Appetite

Savvy weekender Lynnette found out about the Hawaii Academy’s Family Fun Day scheduled for Saturday. We ran through some laundry and errands before taking Madison to the gymnastics facility in Kalihi. By errands I mean I humored yet another of Lynnette’s cravings – the poi doughnut from Kam Bakery. This humoring also happened later in the day at Lucy’s Lab Creamery (Vodka/Froot Loops). Lynnette is doing her best impersonation of either Galactus or Unicron; my dorkiness can’t decide which.

Anyway, I’m going to tag in Madison so she can tell you why yesterday was (in her words) “the best day ever.” My questions will be bolded while her answers will appear in her standard pink.

She can only cartwheel one way. Consequently, I could only get shots of her back. She's not an ambi-cartwheeler.

She can only cartwheel one way. Consequently, I could only get shots of her back. She’s not an ambi-cartwheeler.

What did you think of Hawaii Academy?

It was really fun because I got to jump on trampolines that will get me super high.

Do you like trampolines?


What about iTrampoline?

iTrampoline is, um… good because there are a lot of trampolines and side trampolines that you can bomb off.

Why don’t you go there?

I don’t go there because, like, um, the trampolines that I trampoline bring me not as high as Hawaii Academy.

Do you own a trampoline?

No. We don’t have room.



What was your favorite part of Hawaii Academy?

That I got to use rings.

How did you use them?

I held on to the rings on this huge thing and then I had to let go once I saw a hoop – to get in – but the last time I did it, instead of holding the rings to go back to the huge thing (Editor’s Note: The phrase “huge thing” refers to a raised platform Madison stood on) I was still holding on going kind of back, but I tied my legs around the hoop, and instead of me falling back, I actually tumbled on my head and shoulders. That was the fun part.

Were your arms sore or tired already?


Are they still sore and tired?


Feeding time!

Feeding time!

Where did you eat dinner?

Buca’s, Bucca di Beppo.

What did you have for dinner?

I had around six pieces of big ravioli. So, the thing that was really weird was that one of the sculptures (in the restaurant) had a party hat on, and also the thing that was weird which was that they didn’t give us crayons for the kids’ menu, but there was still stuff that had to do with crayons. On the kids’ menu they had a picture of a ravioli, but it wasn’t on the kids’ menu, and I thought that was weird.

Why did you eat so much?

Because I was really hungry from the gym.

Do you remember all the ravioli you ate as a toddler?


What do you remember?

I remember there were different flavors like cheese and stuff.

Which do you like better? The graduates or Buca’s ravioli?


Why was yesterday the “best day ever”?

Because we got to do a lot of fun stuff.

Like get all kinds of food for mom?

*Sighs* Yeah.

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