My Best Friend’s American Ninja Warrior Run

According to various social media applications, today is (#)National Best Friend Day. Well, my soulmate is trapped at work. I asked Madison how she would like spend National Best Friend Day and she said something about the beach. I told her that I would not be able to go to the beach due to the hideous sunburn which still partially covers my torso. Now, perhaps some of you are of the mind that I should never take my shirt off, regardless of the status of my skin. To those people I would like to say that as long as people are legally able to wear calf-high socks with slippers, I will take my shirt off at the beach and pool.

It just so happens that National Best Friend Day is also the USWNT’s World Cup opener. It is also the first day of the 2015 MLB First Year Player Draft. All that means is I was hell-bent on getting home by 1:15. I took a chance on finding a playground at Waikele Elementary and the Goob and I were rewarded with two pretty awesome play structures. Mad was watching American Ninja Warrior before we left the house and when we arrived at the playgrounds that’s what she saw.

Here is my Best Friend’s American Ninja Warrior run. Madison’s commentary appears beneath each picture.


Obstacle #1: The Slider. “I had to slide across the red dirt which was lava. I made it. It was easy, even with my sweaty hands.”

Obstacle #2: Spider Web.

Obstacle #2: Spider Web. “The spider web is a climbing net. I had to climb over lava from one side to the other. Good thing you called it the “Spider Web” because I saw some spider webs on it.” 

Obstacle #3: Lava Jump.

Obstacle #3: Lava Jump. “I had to jump over the dirt which was lava, and there was no bridge. The first time dad’s camera did not work but the second time it worked.” You guys are getting some real behind the scenes stuff here.

Obstacle #4: The Spinner.

Obstacle #4: The Spinner. “I had to spin on the Spinner four times. I was counting perfectly so I didn’t make it wrong. It was pretty fun, this part. I didn’t get dizzy.”

Obstacle #5: Rock Wall Climb.

Obstacle #5: Rock Wall Climb. “The Rock Wall Climb was pretty hard at first because I haven’t done a climbing wall in a long time. But I got up by using my climbing skills.” My foot played no part in this course. Sorry.

Obstacle #6: Platform Jump.

Obstacle #6: Platform Jump. “I had to climb down those balls. It was hard at first because they’re like stairs, but they weren’t like the ones you climb up [makes weird hand gesture]. I was afraid of it because I’m afraid of heights. I did it with my climbing down skills.” 

Obstacle #7: Atom Jump-off.

Obstacle #7: Atom Jump-off. “First I had to climb the balls again – they’re like the ones at Wahiawa. I climbed up to the top and when I went down to the tea-ish one, I jumped straight off.”

Obstacle #8: The Twisting Snake. It was super-hard for me because in the middle it started to twist. So I went under the ropes. I was scared because I felt like I was going to fall. I made it, then I hit the button for the end of the course. I’m moving on to the second round.


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