Summertime Downtime

I’m going to take you, my faithful readers behinds the scenes of our summer. Yes, you’ve seen the highlights of our trips to the pool and the beach, but Mad’s been doing a whole bunch of Madison things that I haven’t figured out how to work into one of these entries. They’re still too funny not to pass on. As such, I’ve dedicated this post to exposing Crazy Summer Madison.



As you know, Madison hates going to sleep. Every night – regardless of when we’re going to bed – Madison will say (in a caustic tone that I’m half-proud of) “Who goes to sleep at __________ during summer?” She simply inserts the time of night when Lynnette and I decide to go to bed. She does this every single night. Earlier this summer Madison stated that one of her goals was to stay up past midnight. We took care of that the night we watched Jurassic World. When my clock hit 12:00 AM, Madison gleefully posed for this picture. She tells me her right hand is a “check” meant to represent the fulfillment of a summertime goal of hers.

All sick!

All sick!

All salty!

All salty!

I signed up for a free month of Amazon Prime and have gained access to the Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire series. This, along with the discovery of the third season of Pokemon: Black and White on Netflix has renewed her interest in Pokemon.

She’s even unearthed her DS and has started playing her Pokemon game again. I snapped these pictures of Madison this afternoon. She was in the middle of looking for something with Oshawott and Pikachu, and possibly also Dunsparce. She talks so quickly. Anyway, as hilarious as this pictures are at capturing her unorthodox posture, the true source of humor for me is the irony. This is the exact pose I hit when laying on the couch to play Pokemon, watch a Mets game, a WWE PPV, but oddly enough not to watch TV. She is my daughter, alright. If the couch potatoism didn’t convince you, just take a look at her face in the second picture. That is my signature scowl of disdain.

But, but, but the funniest thing Madison’s said this summer happened a week ago. When Lynnette and I first learned of the twins, I said “Mom’s got a couple of buns in the oven.” Madison’s questions were predictable but misguided. “What oven? Our oven? At our house?” We were out at the time. I few weeks later, I repeated the phrase. Lynnette agreed with the comment and Madison said “I have no idea what you guys are talking about,” with a tone of exasperation. I explained the metaphor to her in detail. The twins were growing in Mem’s belly like bread grows in an oven.” “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she said, not at all unlike my students when I do the same thing in class.

Well, last week during that horrid mugginess the three of us were in the bedroom basking in air conditioning. I can’t remember why I said it again, and I don’t really think I could explain it to you even if I did, but I made the same buns in the oven comment. “Yeah, yeah,” Madison said. “The twins are the buns and mom’s body is the oven.” “That’s right!” Lynnette said. “Yeah, yeah, and the twins are the cats and they’re coming of the bag like Mom’s body,” Madison added. Lynnette and I were in hysterics. When I calmed myself enough to speak, I said, “No, Mad, that’s not how that one works.” “ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!” Madison growled. “WHY CAN’T YOU GUYS JUST TALK REGULAR?!”



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